The 4 Best Online Consignment Stores to Get Designer Vintage In Australia

What goes around comes back around

If there are two truths in this world, it’s that nothing quite beats the satisfaction of a bargain, and vintage is undeniably cool.

Despite a growing number of organic and sustainable brands, the original eco-conscious shopping style still prevails – second-hand. 

Previously, if you wanted to buy or sell second hand clothing, you had to be a dab hand at eBay scrolling or committed to an early morning vintage market trip, but sometimes the thought of all those racks to sort through can be daunting. Well, praise be to the World Wide Web, as there are more and more online consignment stores cropping up.

Whether you want to clear out your closet and make a bit of extra cash, or are searching for some new fashion favourites, there are so many ways to consign from the comfort of home

See, sell and shop our top picks below.

The Real Real

The most well known online consignment store, The Real Real does all of the hard yards of selling for you. You send them your items (or for U.S. customers, they offer a collection service) and they’ll authenticate, photograph, price, and list your items to sell online, and you can receive up to 85% commission for the selling price. If you’re looking to buy, the site offers a massive selection of designer items including accessories and vintage bags and shoes. 


Marketing itself as a “peer-to-peer social shopping app”, London based app Depop has rapidly taken off among models and fashion influencers. Find and follow your favourites, and shop their closets direct, or just keep an eye on their stores to draw inspiration, it’s your choice. The upside to the app is that it’s not limited to just high end, you can sell any clothing items you wish and the app takes a flat 10% commission. There’s also the option to chat with potential buyers and sellers to find out more about items or cheekily haggle a bargain, this app brings a second-hand market to the digital realm.



For those thinking of parting ways with an old designer favourite, or scoring a new handbag at consignment prices, Rebag is the place to look, with a wide range of “it-bags” like the Dior Saddle Bag and Louis Vuitton Speedy. Instead of waiting for the bag to sell, Rebag offers sellers upfront payment based on designer and condition, so you can shop for something new right away.

Vestaire Collective

Another marketplace-style online store, Vestaire Collective is like a more curated eBay, with a vast collection of high-end designer pieces such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Dior. Sellers photograph and list their own items, setting their own asking prices. Once an item sells, you ship it direct to Vestaire Collective who authenticate the product, handle the payment and shipping to the buyer. 


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