This Aussie Bride’s Isolation Wedding Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen

Ivy's wedding got "binned", so she improvised

Ever since COVID-19 lockdowns began, Aussies have been coming up with new and creative ways to get their daily outings. The most viral so far includes getting glammed up and dressed up to take your bins out for the night (because now even our bins are getting more social interaction than us). With the coronavirus restrictions, weddings that were planned have been postponed or cancelled, leaving many brides creatively celebrating their big day.

Ivy Boyham is one of those brides. Not getting defeated by the virus, the bride donned her wedding gown for ‘Bin Isolation Outing’ – and has gone viral in the meantime. She wrote: “Our wedding was meant to be on the 18th April but got binned so we married at the park 3 weeks ago but i wheelie wanted to wear my dress!!”

Since it was posted on April 19, the post has received over 106,000 likes and comments congratulating Ivy on her big day. While it might not have been her “dream” situation, the bride looked stunning with a big smile on her face. 

“You look gorgeous. Just keep putting it on whenever you feel like it. Especially on bin day” wrote one user.

“So sorry you couldn’t have your big day Ivy, you look absolutely stunning! And you and your hubby will have many good times for the future bin outings!” said another.

The government has issued strict regulations across the country, banning more than five people at any wedding celebrations. Under these new rules, it’s not even possible for both parents of the bride and groom to be present on the big day. Scott Morrison called the regulations ‘heartbreaking’, but ‘necessary’. While it’s devastating for those that put in months of time and money, it’s comforting to see brides like Ivy making the best of a bad situation.

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