What Goes Into Picking The Perfect Lingerie, According To An Expert

From comfortable to sexy, and everything in between

For us ladies, picking the perfect pair of underwear is essential – everything from how it feels to how it looks goes into finding the pair. Not to mention, different occasions call for different shapes, colours and fits, making the search that much harder. Picking a pair of women’s underwear for a date night is completely different from picking a pair for that time of the month, so to make the search easier we’ve picked the brain of one of Australia’s leading lingerie experts. 

Bras N Things Design Manager Jess Lauppe-Guy knows a thing or two about lingerie and when asked what goes into picking the perfect pair of underwear, Jess says it comes down to a few factors. “Comfort should always be at the top of your mind as you don’t want to be worrying about your undies all day – there are enough things going on without a tricky pair of underwear adding to the mix!”

“Your outfit choice is also a key factor to consider, for example, if you have a tight dress or trousers on then underwear with no VPL (visible panty line) is key or you might be going on a date and want something a little sexier.” 

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What Are The Different Shapes Available To Women?

The key shapes are:

Brazilian – which offers a cheeky cut on the back and is great for a comfortable yet sexy look.

Mini V – which offers a string back, this shape is sexy and has no VPL.

V-String or G-String – offers more back coverage than a mini-v, it’s a sexy shape with minimal material.

Boyleg – sits low on the leg line and offers coverage on the back, these are a great comfort option.

Full briefs – offer a full back and front coverage and are great for comfort and everyday wear.

Bikini – medium coverage back and front are an easy everyday shape.


According to Jess, all of these shapes come in a low rise or high-waist option which means the back coverage is the same but the waist-line is a little higher, generally ending at the belly button. “A lot of women are moving towards the high-waist option to align with fashion styles for outerwear which have waistlines at the moment,” Jess says. “It can also offer a handy bit of tummy smoothing.”

The options available to women also come in all sizes, including plus size. 

What Fabric Should Women Be Looking For When It Comes To Their Underwear?

Fabric is everything when it comes to choosing a pair of underwear or lingerie set. For most women, Jess says, having no VP is often the most important, next to comfort. 

“A free cut microfibre is great as it offers an infinity edge that does not dig, cut or show. Lace can offer a similar solution if it is flat and smooth on the back of a brief as it does not require an elastic finish,” Jess says. 

Then comes the cotton vs microfibre debate, which Jess asserts both have their good qualities. “Cotton is a natural fibre and is super comfortable and soft but it can have restrictions in the stretch of the fabric,” she explains. “Microfibres are synthetic but offer better wicking properties and tend to be more breathable. They also have great stretch as well as being lightweight. Lace is great if you want something pretty and sexy and satin can offer a touch of luxury.” 

“I think every undies drawer needs a good variety of fabrics and shapes to suit every occasion!”

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