New Digital Platform Showroom-X Is Taking Australian Luxury To The Global Stage

Perfectly merging fashion, culture and wellbeing under the one roof

It’s never been more important to support Australia’s local fashion industry, and premier luxury fashion portal Showroom-X is on a mission to do just that. Launching this week, the online site is dedicated to celebrating the Australian spirit through a curation of luxury women’s ready-to-wear pieces, accessories, bespoke art and beauty products, showcasing both established and emerging local brands. 

Founded by Richard Poulson and Kelly Atkinson, the two have combined their extensive careers across various facets of the fashion industry to create the digital offering, with the overall mission of supporting the growth of Australian and New Zealand brands on a global scale.

“We are so excited to bring this multifaceted digital platform to our audiences,” the duo says. “Australia has so much incredibly, diverse talent that deserves international exposure, and Showroom-X is dedicated to showcasing both established and emerging local brands.”

On top of showcasing the best of Australian design, the site will also be “telling the stories of the artists, designers and muses from behind the brands,” with Christopher Esber, Sir The Label, Ellery, Aje, Kit-X, Esse Studios, Ten Pieces and Romance Was Born among those involved. 

It will also focus on the wellness space, hosting a selection of Australian beauty and wellness essentials from brands such as Vahy, Rohr, The Travelista, The Beauty Department and The Secret Skincare.

As well as shining a light on Australia’s art scene, housing a dedicated Art Annex, where shoppers can browse and purchase pieces from regularly held digital shows.

The first will be presented by Saint Cloche gallery, named Terra Australis Incognito (The Great Unknown Land), bringing together some of the country’s most talented emerging artists, including Bec Smith, Nat Rosin, Justin Scivetti and Evi O, inspired by the rugged and remarkable Australian Landscape.

Head over to Showroom-X and register now for exclusive access when the platform launches.

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