These 6 Bag Trends Are The Styles You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring

Consider yourself runway ready.

Spring, the season of change and renewal, is officially underway, and what better way to celebrate the warmer weather and balmy days creeping in from beyond the horizon than undertaking the supposed “cleaning” that is named after the season.

Of course, we all know that spring cleaning is just another name for clearing out our closets, selling the pieces that no longer spark joy in our lives and taking ourselves (and our profits) to our favourite stores to stock up on new season must-haves.

Spring also means that both the gifting and silly seasons are only mere months away, and if time (and the international runways) has proven anything, then there’s no better opportunity to invest in a statement bag that can take you through countless soirée’s and seasons.

Thankfully, the runways of New York Fashion Week and sartorially splendid off-duty supermodel street style are providing plenty of cues as to what bag styles are worthy of investing in.

Below, behold the five bag trends that we’ll be seeing everywhere.

The Chain Bag

The classic chain bag is one of the most underrated purses in your handbag arsenal. This unassuming and modest silhouette (as its names suggest) features a statement chain in lieu of a strap, making it perfectly appropriate for every occasion thanks to its versatile nature. Whether you wear it cross body while on the run or on your shoulder at a cocktail party, this celebrity-approved style will be all the rage this month. 


Polo ID Croc-Embossed Envelope Chain Bag, $899 at Ralph Lauren

The Crescent Bag

Mercury’s retrograde may be impacting your communication style, however this season will see another celestial body take centre stage in the fashion department. We’re, of course, referring to the rise of the crescent bag. The moon-inspired shaped bag that’s had a recent resurgence thanks to the Y2K rival. With it’s half-moon shape and practically perfect cut, you’ll be rushing out to get your hands on one in no time.


Polo ID Calfskin Mini Shoulder Bag, $749 at Ralph Lauren

The Satchel Bag

With the satchel bag a favourite of the late Princess Diana and French fashion influencers alike, there’s no better time to invest in this effortless elegant style than now. Sure, satchel bags have a reputation of being more practical, than pretty, but thanks to Ralph Lauren’s new Polo ID collection, the equestrian inspired aesthetic is proving you don’t have to compromise on style (or storage room). 


Polo ID Leather-Trim Canvas Saddle Bag, $1,049 at Ralph Lauren

The Baguette Bag

The oblong-shaped bag, which fashion has ubiquitously dubbed the baguette after the French bakery staple, is a 90s staple that has a reinvigorated interest thanks to a certain fictional writer and New York mainstay returning to our screens. The bags appeal is simple, really. Simply tuck under your arm and go. No frills, no fuss, just pure, unadulterated fashion.


Polo ID Leather Chain Wallet & Bag, $499 at Ralph Lauren

The Shopper Bag

The hobo bag has long been a staple in the corporate chic cupboards around the world, but thanks to flexible working conditions a new workwear frontrunner has emerged. Enter: the shopper bag. This oversized staple can fit almost everything, perfect for your boardroom basics, farmer’s market must-haves and even evenings out when you don’t want your night to turn into day.


Polo ID Calfskin Shoulder Bag, $1,199 at Ralph Lauren

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