Square-Toe Shoes Are Summer 2019’s Hottest Footwear Trend

Yes, really

It’s the summer of fashion trends in Europe and the USA right now with everything from boyfriend shorts to pillow bags to baby blue hues and mesh shoes reigning supreme. But if you thought you already had too much on your plate – or in your shopping cart, we’re not done yet. Another surprising accessory trend that’s been popping up everywhere over the past month is that of square-toed shoes.

Whether they’re the aforementioned mesh heels by Bottega Veneta or Toteme’s first foray into footwear, everywhere you look round and pointed-toe shoes are being replaced.

If you’re not yet convinced, take a look at how celebrities and Instagram influencers are embracing the trend (and then tell us you don’t want to try it). 

This article originally appeared on InStyle Australia

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