If You’re Over The Pain Of Killer Heels, This Brand Is A Gamechanger

Save your soles and spare yourself the shoe hangover this silly season.

Remember the bad old days when heels were dizzyingly high and excruciating to walk in? It’s a time that evokes painful memories of killer heels that were killing our feet in the process. And yet, we persevered through blisters, back pain and bunions.

Finally, women took a stand and so began the great sneaker revolution and the rise of brands such as Australia’s own FRANKIE4. From the goes-with-everything white leather sneaker to the street style of a comfy trainer, busy women embraced sneaker chic all day, every day, in shoes we could not only walk but run in. And it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

But What About When You Can’t Rock A Trainer?

A great pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. And no matter how committed to your kicks you are, sometimes sneakers just don’t work with your look, the weather, or the dress code.

You can maintain your style standards without sacrificing comfort and movement. And you don’t have to choose between a sleek silhouette or a chunky footbed for comfort underfoot.

FRANKIE4 has stepped up with a new range of sleek and stylish heels that tick both boxes, making them the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Meet The New Heel

The new Luxestep collection from FRANKIE4 features two key styles in six on-trend colours.

The Kennedy woven leather heel. (Image: Supplied.)

The Kennedy is a chic mule heel with a soft woven leather upper and a mid-height heel for the perfect amount of leg-lengthening height you can still dance in. A perfect match for your linen maxi dresses or wide-leg palazzo pants, they’ll be your go-to for summer soirees.

The Ramsay strappy heel features soft, comfortable leather. (Image: Supplied.)

The Ramsay strappy heel in buttery-soft leather will keep your feet cool and your look on point, all summer long. With straps that won’t bite and invisible, built-in comfort underfoot, you can dance all night without ditching your heels (or waking up with a shoe hangover).

FRANKIE4 founder, podiatrist turned shoe designer Caroline McCullough. (Image: Supplied.)

The FRANKIE4 Story

FRANKIE4 is the intersection of style and science. Backed by over 13 years of research and development, FRANKIE4 founder Caroline McCulloch used her experience as a podiatrist to re-imagine the footbed design at the core of every FRANKIE4 shoe for ultimate comfort, support and freedom of movement.

But she didn’t stop there. The next goal was to create a sleek fashion silhouette with a better foundation than fashion heels offer.

“When imagining a better version of a fashion heel, I deconstructed the status quo,” Caroline says. “I took the bulk out and kept working with less until I was happy with the balance between foot support and a sleek silhouette.”

The result was the LuxaLite Footbed (patent pending), the sweet spot between fashion and comfort, and the technology that makes the new collection a must-have addition to every stylish summer wardrobe.  

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