All Of The Sustainable Fashion Brands You Need To Know

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As consumers become more and more educated about the clothes they wear and the impact they have on the environment, fashion labels are stepping up to the plate and prioritising sustainability, some going completely fur-free (here are 15 designer examples) and others improving the way they source fabric and make garments. From Australian sustainable clothing brands, such as Ginger & Smart, to the world’s biggest fashion houses, such as Stella McCartney, sustainable clothing brands are taking over.

Emma Watson has long used her platform to highlight brands doing their part for the environment, but another hugely famous woman has quietly been doing the same. If you look closely at her fashion choices, you’ll notice that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has been directing the ‘Meghan Effect’ towards sustainable and eco-friendly designers, opting to wear brands like Australian label Outland Denim, which hires Cambodian women who are survivors of sex trafficking, and Rothy’s, who make their shoes out of recycled plastic bottles.

Below, all the sustainable fashion labels you need to know. 

1. Stella McCartney

Since the brand’s conception in 2001, Stella McCartney has made it her utmost priority to be both eco and animal-friendly, strictly forgoing the use of fur, leather and PVC. 

demi moore
Demi Moore wearing Stella McCartney

2. Veja

Not only are Veja sneakers on trend, but they’re eco-friendly, made with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes. Veja also partners with Atelier Sans Frontières, an organisation that helps people who have been incarcerated or are otherwise struggling to find work, to employ workers to prepare orders.

Meghan Markle wearing Veja sneakers

3. Outland Denim

Outland denim‘s main focus is helping Cambodian women who have been sex trafficked, hiring them as cutters, seamstresses and pattern makers and paying them living wages, in turn, granting them the agency to escape exploitation and slavery. 

4. Ginger & Smart

Australian fashion label Ginger & Smart sources fabrics that are recyclable and biodegradable and minimises the use of harmful chemicals and excessive water usage in both the production of their clothes and milling of their fabrics.


The Sydney-born brand’s main focus is on ethical and sustainable fashion, which is implemented by consciously sourcing materials that don’t harm the planet and using non-hazardous working materials to ensure they’re not damaging the environment.

emma watson
Emma Watson wearing KITX


New Zealand brand KOWTOW ensures every part of their process is sustainable – from the fabrics to the entirely recyclable packaging. 

7. Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Spell has a huge section of their website dedicated to sustainability and their commitment to the planet. The Byron Bay-based label has its 2025 sustainability commitment laid out in detail online, including comprising of supply chain transparency, sustainable fibre use and environmentally conscious dye and printing practices. Spell already uses organic cotton and recycled nylon where possible and works closely with Canopy, an organisation set up to ensure brand’s cellulose based fibres (viscose, rayon, tencel, modal) are not contributing to the deforestation of ancient or endangered forests.

8. Everlane

American brand Everlane partners with the best, ethical factories around the world, sources only the finest materials so garments last the distance and shares the cost of every product they make with consumers. 

9. Gabriela Hearst

Designer Gabriela Hearst is an eco-warrior, creating her eponymous label in 2015 to focus on a commitment to sustainability, quality, and authenticity whatever the cost. 

10. Reformation

Cult cool-girl label Reformation also happens to be eco-friendly and have an ethos that focuses on sustainability. They use fabrics, such as rescued old stock materials and repurposed vintage clothing.

meghan markle
Meghan Markle wearing a Reformation dress

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