That’s Amore: The Stylish & Sustainable Brand With A Luxurious Italian Twist

The slow fashion brand is making its mark on Australian soil.

The phrase “Italian fashion” evokes the image of luxurious, sophisticated style. Pieces are designed to combine the pleasure of dressing in the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, with glamour and a subtle sensuality.

So how, then, can we combine the best of Italian fashion with the understated elegance of Australian apparel? Just ask the team behind Tema Moda, an Italian luxury fashion brand making its mark on Australian soil.

Designed and run by mother-daughter duo Emanuela Tellaroli and Roberta Marchesini, the label was formed on the principles of sustainability, and aims to bring a piece of contemporary Italian fashion to our sunny shores.

A Mother-Daughter Duo

The pair’s journey from family members to business partners began when daughter Roberta relocated from Northern Italy to Sydney.

“My relationship with my daughter has always been very strong and special to me,” Emanuela tells marie claire Australia.

“[But] I felt the distance between the two worlds and different time zones was difficult at times to connect.”

During a visit to Australia to meet her first grandson, Emanuela found herself reminiscing with her daughter about her childhood in Italy and bonding over their shared love of Italian fashion.

“When I returned to Italy, Roberta reached out to me with the idea of creating a clothing label together.”

Tema Moda sustainable fashion kaftan
Make a statement in Tema Moda’s Elisa Jungle Print Silk Kaftan, made from 100 per cent silk with flattering side splits, $210. (Credit: Supplied)

“Through Tema Moda, we have been able to reconnect and bond over our mutual love of fashion. We connect every day on screen to discuss designs, colours, models and themes for our collections.

“We have found the perfect solution to keeping in touch, not just as mother and daughter, but now as business partners.”

Stunningly Sustainable

It’s not just a passion for Italian fashion that inspired the brand: the two wanted sustainability to be stitched into every step of their process.

“Everything we do, from the selection of materials, the processes we conduct, printing and manufacturing and all of our partnerships are all built on this very principle,” says Emanuela.

“We are constantly finding innovative solutions, such as our material bags which are made with remnant fabrics.

“We tend to find ecological Italian fabrics produced with natural fibres, through a protected supply chain aimed at minimising waste, pollution and with zero exploitation of workers.”

The result? Ready-to-wear collections and products that are made to last by experienced local Italian artisans.

Living La Dolce Vita

With a combined passion for fashion and the environment, Tema Moda collections are designed and made to make women feel beautiful in their own skin, no matter the season.

Their latest collection is influenced by Italian fashion trends, with colours and prints inspired by the Australian landscape and lifestyle.

Tema Moda sustainable fashion
Pair the Lilli A-Line Midi Skirt in white, $239, with the Matilde Feather Print Sleeveless Top, $180, for a sophisticated and summery look. (Credit: Supplied)

Think a lightweight and flowing halter neck dress in a bright, abstract print, or a minimalistic A-line midi skirt paired with a 100 per cent Italian silk sleeveless top.

Emanuela’s go-to pieces for an endless, “summer holiday” feeling?

“A beautiful silk Kaftan, the very best comfortable and elegant sandals, and the matching handbag of course!”

Discover the latest collection for the modern woman from Tema Moda here. A sustainable fashion company with an Italian flair, clothing is made from sustainable materials and produced in a way that is gentle on the earth.

Brought to you by Tema Moda.

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