Tash Oakley on swimwear, self-esteem and calling out body shamers

The blogger and model gets real

She’s one of Australia’s most famous fashion influencers, with nearly 2million followers, and this week A Bikini A Day co-founder Tash Oakley is in Sydney to kick off summer as Seafolly’s new ambassador.

We caught up with her to talk about her new gig, which she says is in line with her body-positive approach.

“It’s a brand I’ve always loved, and their swimwear caters to women all ages, shapes and sizes,” says the LA-based model and blogger. “They’re all about helping women feel confident in their own skin.”

“A lack of confidence is so common in women; it’s very easy loose your self esteem after being put down by someone, or by negative comments on Instagram,” adds Oakley, who is hosting an in-store event at Pacific Fair on December 1 and a fitness session at Bondi Beach on December 3.

Oakley is no stranger to “body shaming”, having copped criticism from trolls and media outlets on everything from cellulite to retouching.

She has taken to Instagram more than once to address the haters. “I might have the confidence to get through it, but not everyone does. It really saddens me that a woman would consider doing that to another woman,” she says. “My reason for speaking out is to say “hey, we should all be supporting one another. What do you think you’re doing?””

“Body shaming shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I choose to spread positivity,” she says.

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