The Gifts Going Straight To The Top Of Our Christmas List

Have yourself a sparkly little Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and no doubt you are busy buying, or at least planning, presents for your special people. It’s also time to start thinking about your own wish list! At the very top of ours this year is a stunning piece from Gucci’s fine jewellery collection.

It doesn’t get much more classic, or glamorous, than the Italian fashion house – think bright-coloured jewels, bold designs and, of course, those iconic double Gs, proving that even though Gucci may be classic, it’s never boring!

And the best part? Being Gucci you know these pieces will stand the test of time for years to come.

The gorgeous pieces all have a playful, bohemian flair, as seen in the label’s most recent campaign featuring Gucci jewellery ambassador, musician, singer, songwriter and producer Florence Welch. It’s all a little bit extra, just like Gucci under the reign of Alessandro Michele, and that’s why we love it so.

Here are our top three picks from the Gucci jewellery collection that we hope to find under the tree this year (hint, hint):

1. Le Marché des Merveilles necklace

Le Marche des Merveilles necklace
(Credit: Gucci)

An 18K yellow gold necklace with a sterling silver feline head pendant featuring pink rubies and blue topaz eyes holding a pearl in its mouth, this necklace is the very definition of a statement piece.

2. Ouroboros ring in gold

Ouroboros ring in gold
(Credit: Gucci)

This 18K yellow gold ring features turquoise stone-set eyes and an ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ouroboros, which is a snake eating its own tail. In medieval alchemical tradition, it was often taken to symbolise re-creation, or the eternal cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction – also a powerful message in these modern times. The piece is classic enough to wear every day but still makes a statement.

3. Double G bracelet with multicolour stones

Double G Bracelet with mulitcolour stones
(Credit: Gucci)

Everyone needs a little Double G in their life! The Double G bracelet, inspired by an archival design from the ’70s – a hallmark era of the House – comes in 18K yellow gold with a scalloped outline. The multicolour gemstones (sapphire, topaz, tzavorite and quartz) create a rainbow effect. This is the type of piece you will love and then pass down to the next gen.

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