The Only Thing Bridget Malcolm Cuts Out Of Her Diet Before A Big Show

The Aussie model chats about being the face of Seafolly!

We spoke to Aussie model Bridget Malcolm, who has recently been cast in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show for 2016, about her role as a face of swimwear brand Seafolly.

Congratulations on becoming the new face of Seafolly! 



What does it mean to you to be part of such an iconic brand?

It is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to shoot for Seafolly, they’re the quintessential Aussie swim brand. I remember growing up seeing Miranda as the face, and thinking wow I would love to do that… It’s kind of unbelievable, such a great feeling to achieve a goal like that. 


How many pairs of bikinis do you own? Are you obsessed with swimwear?

I probably own about six pairs – some for good tan lines, nothing too strappy, some for surfing so they definitely won’t come off, and some just to look pretty in. I am all about functionality though I have to admit, I love getting in the surf!


This current Seafolly range is so stunning, what are your favourite pieces?

Obsessed with the Lola Rae cold shoulder bikini!! I love the cut and colour. I’m also loving the high-waisted cuts, very flattering.

Given you grew up in Perth, I’m assuming you spent most of your childhood on the beach? 

Oh yeah. I grew up a five minute walk from the beach, and would spend most days there, weather permitting. As a family we had a yacht and would sail to rottnest island a lot when I was younger! I’m half saltwater haha


What are your favourite beaches in the world? 

Playa Guiones in Nosara is number one for the waves. Super easy surf for a lazy surfer like me! I also love Boston Bay in Jamaica, so blue and gorgeous. But for me I will always love Fays Bay on Rottnest Island. It was where I learned to swim and ride my bike, and will always have a special place in my heart. It’s my happy place.


Your modelling career has had an amazing trajectory, can you name the highlights? 

Every single job is a highlight! But I think my favourite moment would have to be stepping onto the VS runway. That was a powerful moment for me as a woman. I also love my relationship with Ralph Lauren, I don’t feel like I’m modelling when I work for them, which is a very rare thing with this job.


Did you always want to be a model when you were younger?

Most definitely not. I was very weird looking growing up – I had a red mullet I cut myself, braces, and hasn’t grown into myself. I was also so shy and awkward. Everyone was very very surprised when I got scouted! I wanted to be either an oboist or a nuclear technician.


How did you get into it / how were you discovered?

Wandering down the street in Perth, my first agent grabbed my arm and made me enter a modelling competition going on at the time. I ended up getting third, and one of the judges later told me that it was because they could tell I would have the biggest career out of all the girls, but I looked a little too strange for the audience to get! The girl who won is gorgeous obviously, and has had an amazing career – but I definitely needed a little time to grow into myself.


How do you prepare for a big job like Victoria’s Secret runway or a Seafolly shoot?

I always eat well, as a vegan I avoid processed food and eat loads of veggies. I also work out hard year round – so just lots of water to avoid bloat and make sure I get my sleep in! 


Were you intimidated by the other VS models? Did anyone take you under their wing?

No, I’ve known a lot of them for years, they were all very sweet. Shanina definitely took nice care of me – was very kind and gave me some good advice. Lily Aldridge is also one of the nicest girls I have ever met, so sweet.


Are you quite strict with diet and exercise all the time? 

Relatively yes! It’s my job to be ready year round. Obviously I have days off and holidays are for fun, but I make a point of always eating loads of vegetables.

What is your standard routine and what do you avoid before a big shoot?

I avoid salt to avoid bloating mostly diet-wise. And I work out doing a lot of resistance training! I also love cardio, jumping rope, and running I do a few times each week.


Do you ever feel body conscious doing swimwear or lingerie?

Funnily enough, I feel more self conscious in jeans than I do in swimwear!


Congratulations on your recent wedding! Was it an incredible day? 

It was the best day of my life. Everything went perfectly, and the energy was just incredible. 


You opted to wear custom Lover, which was stunning. You must have been inundated with choices on what to wear. Was Lover always your first choice? 

It was! I have always been a huge huge fan of Lover, I find their treatment of lace so perfect. It was the most perfect dress for me.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how bridezilla were you?

Honestly, probably -5. I actually lost the bridesmaid dresses at one point by accident – forgot where I put them!! I wanted to actually enjoy it, and was so thankful for everyone who created the perfect day for me, so how could I make their lives difficult? I have married into the most incredible family.


What was the highlight moment?

Oh boy. The feeling of Nathaniel putting the ring on my finger was amazing. I also loved hearing everyone’s speeches! My dad and best friend from home had me laughing and crying. Our first dance was also perfect. And dancing with all my friends. Everything was perfect!!


I hear Rottnest Island is where you are having your second celebration. When will that take place? 

Early January! It’s going to be more of a party, definitely much more low key.


Does your relationship feel different now that you’re married? 

Not really. It’s the most wonderful feeling. I’m very in love and relaxed! 


Is motherhood on the cards for you anytime soon? 

I obviously cannot wait to have kids, but I definitely have a few more years of selfishness before that.


Given your travelling schedule, you must have become quite the skilled packer. What are your essential items you always pack?

No matter where I am going I always pack a bikini, I love swimming in pools and saunas. A workout outfit for a run. And then it’s all about basics – the perfect striped tee, cami dress, high rise jeans, a comfy sweater. I keep it simple!


Favourite holiday destinations?

Always Rottnest Island. Or the Nicoya Peninsula.


How would you describe your style? 

Relaxed, simple, slight 70’s flair. Less is always more with me.


What items are you coveting right now?

Everything Chloe. 


What is on high rotation in your wardrobe?

Striped shirts! Cannot get enough!


Can you envisage life after modelling – what does it look like?

A lot more relaxed. I want a few kids, to live by the ocean, and work on expanding my blog. I am dying to get back to school also, would love to study again!

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