This Scarf Makes You Invisible In Photographs

What sorcery is this?

Unless you’re Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, chances are if you’re a celebrity, hiding from the paparazzi is a big goal in your life. But one man has released a fashion item that could be game-changing.

Hailing from New Delhi, Saif Siddiqui has invented one very innovative accessory – a scarf that makes you seem ‘invisible’ to flash photography. He is now based in London and Amsterdam, selling the famous scarf, called the ‘Ishu’ scarf.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

So what’s the secret behind the scarf? It’s made of a fabric that is enhanced using thousands of nano-spherical crystals that reflect the light back to the camera. This only works with flash photography however, as well as video.

Comparable to Harry Potter’s famous invisibility cloak, celebrities such as Nick Jonas, Cameron Diaz and Debby Ryan have already nabbed themselves one, rendering themselves invisible to the pesky paparazzi.

Look out soon as well, because it looks like ISHU phone cases are next on the product menu.

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