FYI, Tie Dye Isn’t Going Anywhere

It’s going to be everywhere soon

It was everywhere this past fashion month — you’ll recall it paired with blazers and pantsuits — but tie dye has really taken over Coachella as this year’s biggest festival trend, proving it’s here to stay. 

Pioneered in force by Gigi Hadid, (and formerly Prada, Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler this past fashion week season) the kaleidoscope of dreamy colours was also adopted Kylie Jenner come Coachella, who embraced tie dye denim — the ultimate throwback.

Already proclaiming her love for the tie dye style while in New York last week, Hadid bought it back in force for her Coachella outfits, starting off with a tie dye vest by Danish-based label Ganni.

Paired with wide legged floral pants, a tiny Louis Vuitton bag (the sort only a celebrity could carry at a festival — who carries her water bottle and hand sanitizer?) and combat boots, Hadid made the case for doing tie dye differently. Completed with a series of shell necklaces, the model really did manage to pull off multiple summer trends at once.

It seems her Ganni vest is sold out, but for a touch of tie dye a la Gigi, the matching bucket hat is most definitely still in stock on Net-A-Porter

Her next tie dye look took things to the extreme. Going full dippy, Hadid opted for a matching top and pant two-piece, both in hues of red, black and yellow tie dye. Although it looks like the pieces are custom from fledgling label Asai — who was also worn by Jordyn Woods at the festival — neither Gigi or the brand have confirmed it.

But the tie dye love didn’t stop with Hadid and Woods. Kylie Jenner also got in on the Ganni action, opting for the brand’s two-piece denim tie dye suit, which she wore open and with a white crop top.

Both the top and the jeans are still available to buy, retailing for just over $1000 for the matching set. 

And it wasn’t just tie dye which dominated, with celebrities looking to Western-inspired shapes to complete their outfits. Combat boots took a passenger seat, with cowboy boots seen at every turn. Everyone from influencers to Victoria’s Secret Angels to Kendall Jenner tried their hand at the shape, which was seen in everything from black to white and even metallics. Space cowgirls?

Celebrities also championed the surgical mask, with Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber all donning one.

Influencers took it less literally, making face guards from bandanas. Not exactly a new phenomenon (it’s dusty out there!), it seems Justin Bieber’s ‘Drew’ branding might be hinting at a wider trend — one where festival goers channel Contagion in lieu of accessories.

Who would have thought? Move over, flower crowns — tie dye and cowboys are here to stay.

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