This Spring Racing Season Is All About Big And Bold Fashion, According To Designer Toni Matičevski

There's never been a better time to get creative

The spring racing carnival might not be looking quite the same this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the same glamourous fashion and accessories that make the events so fun—even if it is just from home.

In response to fewer events and limited ways to celebrate outside of lockdown, Lexus has created the Lexus Lifestyle Hub, an online digital platform of ideas and inspiration to help get us excited for the races—whether you plan on celebrating alongside friends with a long lunch or you simply want to check out what the latest trends and fashion predictions are for the upcoming season, the online destination is your go-to. 

The platform plays with the 2020 Melbourne Cup themeSense Electrified—focusing on creating that stylish Birdcage experience at home by igniting the sense through iconic artisan influences across food, fashion, florals design and music. Each of the sensestaste, sight, scent, touch and soundwill be covered off in exciting and electrifying ways on the platform, creating inspiration for people’s own Cup Day celebrations.

The Lifestyle Hub will also feature content produced by some of Australia’s leading creatives, including famed designer Toni Matičevski, who has been dressing Australia’s biggest names for the racing season and beyond for over two decades. 

Ahead of the biggest race of the calendar, marie claire spoke with Matičevski about all things spring racing—from trends to accessories—as well as the designer’s latest collection. 

“I think that people will be having more fun with their looks where they can,” Matičevski says of this year’s fashion trends. “With everyone being shuttered at home I think there will be more bold statements and interest. Everyone will be trying to make a statement!” 


But while the fashion may be bold, Matičevski believes understated accessories will reign supreme this season. “I think we’ll be seeing a mix of really understated, pretty details like netting or hair combs,” he says. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a 2020 event without the year’s standout fashion accessory making its mark—the face mask. “I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone creates a complimentary face mask,” Matičevski says. “I’m imagining a lot of colours and potential bling going on. Seeing as it’s spring, maybe flowers of all sorts.” 

Matičevski’s Pre-Fall collection speaks to this notion of exciting and over-the-top creations, something his eponymous label has become famous for. 

“It was all about fun and prettiness with a sinister edge,” the designer says of the collection. “Sharp tailoring and colours that have a freshness and lightness. Almost like they have a sorbet frosting to them mixed with petrol vibes.”

Mixed in are incredible bursts of colour, including pieces that reflect and flash in the light. “The fabric I used this season has a dynamic effect when its hit with UV light and or flash and creates an almost electric feeling. I think it’s exciting to see women having fun with this and playing on that electric vibe.”  

This plays into the designer’s content creation for Lexus’ new Lifestyle Hub, bringing new excitement and fun into fashion in a year characterised by time at home. 

“We’ve worked on how these fabrications create excitement and fun, looking at the elements in the collections that have a tactile quality and bringing that sensory feel to life. It’s been fun working with Lexus to bring the birdcage experience to all Australians celebrating at home.” 

As for why Matičevski believes it’s important for us to continue to celebrate, he says it comes down to supporting local businesses. 

“I think it’s always been a place for the expression of personal style and a place when we have all had that moment of absolute fun. Being restricted as we have been it’s really encouraging that we still get to participateeven from homeand get dressed up and support our local businesses and brands.” 

Explore the Lexus Lifestyle Hub here.

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