Victoria Lee Reveals How She’s Preparing For The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Australia's new VS model is one to watch

Ask any model what their career dream is and you can almost guarantee that walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will make the list. 

It is the biggest runway show in the world, famed for catapulting models such as Miranda Kerr and Gisele to supermodel status, after all.

This year, 27-year-old New South Wales-born beauty Victoria Lee was confirmed to walk the show, set in Shanghai, China alongside fellow Aussie Kelly Gale and Kiwi Georgia Fowler.

We sat down to chat with the NYC-based beauty about how she’s preparing for the show, her day on a plate and all her beauty secrets.

How did it feel when you were told you were walking the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

At first disbelief and shock. It took a while to sink in. Then elation, joy and lots of excitement as I’ve been working hard towards this goal!

Has VS always been a dream of yours?

Yes, for sure. Walking for Victoria’s Secret is something that has always been an aspiration of mine.

Had you auditioned before?

Yes, three times. I think this really helped because when I was going into this last audition I was more familiar with the process and knew what was expected of me. This all helped my mental preparation too, which is 90% of the battle!

What is your favourite exercise?

I love dancing, I train at Body By Simone and my favourite part is the end of class where they dim the lights and the music is great and you just dance and have a good time. You forget you’re getting a great workout.

How often do you work out and what would you do most frequently?

I aim for 6 days a week, but this varies depending on my schedule and how I’m feeling. Most frequently it’s a full body or dance cardio class at Body By Simone.

What does your day on a plate look like? Is there anything you’ll cut in the lead up to the show?

My day on a plate is fairly consistent especially when I’m working or know I have a shoot coming up.

Breakfast: I love eggs, especially poached or simply boiled with salt, pepper and chilli flakes. I’ll have two with avocado, greens and whatever veggies I have in the fridge. If I’m in a rush it’s a chocolate protein shake with egg white or plant-based protein powder. I’ll add some almond butter, banana and some oats if I need an extra boost of energy.

Lunch and dinner are similar in that the focus is on protein, greens and healthy fats. Either chicken, fish, tofu, eggs (eggs are great any time of the day) or maybe shellfish. I’ll make a salad, steam or stir-fry veggies and add a home-made dressing, avocado, nuts and/or seeds. I’ll add quality carbohydrates to any of my meals if I feel like it, mainly quinoa, brown rice or buckwheat.

Ahead of the show, I’ve reduced my sugar intake. Fruit is something I’ve cut back slightly on, and no processed foods.

Do you stick to any particular diet?

No, I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle and know what works best for my body – I stick to protein, veggies, healthy fats and quality carbohydrates. In saying that, I will listen to my body. If I’m craving something or need more energy, I’ll have it.

How often do you get back to Australia to see your family and friends?

As often as I can! If I’m home for work I will always try to fly home for a visit. I was home in October to be a bridesmaid for one of my oldest friends which was wonderful.

Do you have any single beauty product you really swear by?

I’ve just started using a face oil in the morning and it’s amazing. I use Stress Check Face Oil by This Works. I use it very sparingly, only 2-3 drops in the morning. I find it locks in moisture, provides a protective barrier, calms any blemishes and gives a great glow.

What’s your daily skincare regime like? 

My skin regime changes up and depending on the weather and how my skin is feeling. Generally, first thing in the morning I splash cold water on my face and press Stress Check Face Oil onto my skin.

Later, I’ll shower and if I feel my skin needs it, I’ll cleanse with asap Daily Facial Cleanser. I don’t want to be constantly stripping the natural oils from my skin, so if I don’t feel it needs it, I’ll just use water in the morning.

I then spray ‘People for Plants Mist Toner’ and apply my moisturiser; asap Moisturizing Daily Defense SPF 50+. I love that this is SPF50+ and the texture isn’t greasy or heavy. I’ll wait for this to settle before I apply concealer or make-up if I’m wearing it that day.

In the evening, if I’ve been working I remove any make-up with Bioderma Sensibo H20, I then cleanse lightly to remove any remaining make-up or dirt. If I haven’t been working I’ll cleanse and gently exfoliate with asap Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub. I’m aware exfoliating too often isn’t good for your skin, however, with the pollution and debris that my skin is often exposed to in New York, I find it’s necessary.

Out of the shower, I tone and apply a little Skin Design London Ultra C Glow Antioxidant Serum onto any redness or blemish that might be there. I’ll then apply Bare Minerals Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream to the rest of my face and a lip balm, just a simple Nivea. In winter, I notice my skin needs a little extra TLC, so I’ll add Dr Hauschka Night Serum underneath my moisturiser.

Which Victoria’s Secret Angel do you most look up to and why?

Even though technically she isn’t an Angel anymore – Doutzen Kroes. I admire her beauty, confidence and kind personality. And find her career and philanthropic activities a real inspiration.

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