The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Will Return, Angels & All, In 2024

And yes, there will be wings and runway.
adriana lima wears red lingerie and red wings during the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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Following a six-year break, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is set to return this year, angels and all.

After the lingerie label relaunched with a pre-filmed format, the VS World Tour, last year, it is set to reintroduce its once-iconic runway show, which has been on hold since 2018.

In a video posted to Instagram on May 16, Victoria’s Secret announced the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will return in spring 2024, “and will reflect who we are today, plus everything you know and love—the glamour, runway, wings, musical entertainment, and more!”

What exactly the show will look like is not entirely clear, however, we have a few hints—including as to which iconic angels will be returning to the runway.

Scroll on for everything we know about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2024 (so far).

Model Paloma Elsesser in a promotional shot for Victoria’s Secret’s ‘The Tour’ 2023 (Image: Instagram @victoriassecret)

Why Did Victoria’s Secret Cancel Their Fashion Show?

The first-ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held in 1995, with the first television edition hitting screens in 2001. Over the years, it grew into a gigantic television spectacle which, at its peak, drew in tens of millions of viewers.

By the late 2010s, it’s safe to say that the values of Victoria’s Secret (and its executives) were no longer aligned with the general attitudes of society. For years, the brand had been criticised for its use of one specific body type in its campaigns and on the runway. In the context of the body positivity and #MeToo movements, criticisms of Victoria’s Secret as sexist and out of touch became louder and more widespread.

Plus, in 2018, Ed Razek, the former chief marketing officer of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, L Brands, partook in a damning interview with Vogue. He told the magazine that casting transgender models in the show would ruin the “fantasy” and that he had no interest in making space for diverse body types on the VS runway. Naturally, this did not go down well with viewers and while Razek later apologised, his comments highlighted the brand’s reluctance to embrace change and overall problematic perception of beauty. That same year, L Brands’ CEO Les Wexner, came under fire for his alleged connection to Jeffrey Epstein.

The show had gone from more than 10 million viewers in 2010 to just over 3 million in 2018, and unsurprisingly, the following year it was announced that the runway had been canned.

Is There Still A Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will return in the Australian spring of 2024.

The brand has confirmed that it is leaving behind the pre-filmed “tour” format it toyed with in 2023, and will instead bring back the runway.

What Models Will Be In The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2024?

While Victoria’s Secret is yet to confirm its cast for the 2024 runway, we can certainly expect it will be more diverse than previous line ups.

Since rebranding in 2021, the company has expanded its idea of what makes an angel, with plus-size and transgender models finally making their way onto its roster.

As for the OG angels, we can expect Candice Swanepoel to return, given she featured in the brand’s announcement video.

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