The Sydney Duo Bringing You Pre-Loved Designer Wedding Dresses For A More Sustainable Big Day

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When it comes to weddings, it’s usually the one day that many of us will splash out on without too much afterthought. 

However, 2020 (and the hell that is has brought) has forced a shift in our priorities. And, as our general buying habits evolve, so to do bridal trends. 

The biggest changes that we’ve seen are moves towards more sustainable weddings that generate less waste, as well as less extravagant, more cost-effective buying amid these tumultuous economic times. 

But wanting to spend less and reduce one’s carbon footprint doesn’t have to result in a less-than-spectacular dress. With The Bridal Edit, you can save a few dollars and be more eco-friendly all while not compromising on a stunning dress.

The Bridal Edit is a consignment business which offers a curated selection of pre-loved designer wedding dresses at a fraction of the original cost. 

Created by Lisa Caldwell, founder of Pre-Loved Closet, and Jasmine Lindsay, founder of Jasmine and Will, the idea formed after a conversation about how the fashion industry’s movement towards sustainability and thoughtful purchasing could ever make its way to bridal—beyond just reusable mason jars

The wedding industry, as we know, is a traditionally “spendy” market as Lindsay says, so it can be difficult to picture—with a large budget usually dedicated to the dress. And while we love to peep new and trendy dresses, the man-hours, detail, and money that go into its manufacturing almost seem like a waste for something that is generally only used for one day.

“For many brides this year has seen them rethink multiple dresses and large weddings with a desire to keep things understated and modest. We are also seeing more conservative budgets which is why the resale market is a great place to find something chic and affordable,” says Lindsay.

So, how does it work? Well, if you’re interested in offering up your dress to a thrifty bride-to-be, then simply contact The Bridal Edit with photos and pricing ideas to receive a resale quote. Once the details are agreed upon, the dress is then kept at the business’ studio in Woollahra, Sydney. 

For those interested in browsing the collection, the site—due to fully launch this month—will hold a digital gallery of all available dresses and appointments and fittings can be arranged. Their catalogue will also be available to view via their Instagram page. 

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