Brides Are Making A Return To *This* Classic Type Of Engagement Ring

What’s in and what’s out in engagement rings in 2018

Over the last few years there has been a trend of brides moving away from the traditional diamond engagement rings and designs, favouring more savvier options – or even shunning engagement rings altogether.

However, according to Ashley Portas from Diamonport, in 2018 there has been a major shift back to the traditional diamond and classic cuts.

“I am seeing a lot more clients going back basics with solitaire rings,” says Portas, who says that while you’ll get more bang for your buck with a halo ring, he says the trend is definitely moving away from this towards the single stone – or three stone a la Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle

As for the cuts, while round shapes are as strong as ever, right now it’s all about the oval shape – Hailey Baldwin clearly got the memo!

Even though diamonds are still the definite front runner when it comes to stones, coloured gems are definitely still around, with blue sapphire still a popular choice. A trend to watch is definitely the black diamond, for the brides who want to make a serious statement.

Morganite is another trend to watch, with the blush-coloured stone a seriously budget-friendly option that more and more brides are turning to.

As for what couples are spending these days, this is back on the rise, with Portas saying his clients are spending on average $9,000 on the engagement ring and $3,800 on the wedding band, up 8.5% from last year. Couples are however placing a bigger focus on getting the highest quality for their buck.

As for tips for when shopping for your ring and picking out a band, Portas says don’t feel like they have to match.

“You can have different setting and stone styles, even different coloured gold for the wedding ring than the engagement ring,” he says. “A wedding ring can ‘compliment’ an engagement ring without matching and making them look like one big ring… soldering rings together isn’t a thing anymore.”

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