These Are The 5 Engagement Ring Trends To Watch

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If you have just started engagement ring shopping, you’ll know that it is no easy task. Despite an array of styles and designs on the market, deciding on the perfect stone and setting can be a little complicated at times. And while it’s all about personal preference, it can always help to draw inspiration from the latest trends. To help narrow down your search for the perfect rock, we’ve rounded up the five major engagement ring trends we’re expecting to see a lot more of on the wedding scene shortly.

Two-Stoned Rings

Why settle for one rock when you can have two? If you’re a bride-to-be after something more unique than the traditional solitaire ring, two-stoned rings are the latest engagement trend taking the wedding world by storm. These rings differ to normal engagement rings because the focus is on two prominent diamonds of the same size, instead of being decorated with several other diamonds.

Coloured Gemstones

Coloured gemstone rings have been all the rage among brides in recent years, and we don’t expect this trend to be dying out anytime soon. Some of Hollywood’s favourite leading ladies such as Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Halle Berry have opted for coloured gemstones in place of conventional diamonds. 

Double Bands 

Instead of stacking the wedding band below the engagement ring, brides are now opting for interlocking options such as the double band.

Halo Setting

The halo setting has resurged in popularity recently, becoming an admired favourite among brides due to it’s versatility in design. In a halo setting, smaller diamonds encircle and accentuate the centre diamond, often making it appear larger.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

The pear-cut diamond is a unique and original trend we’re expecting to see everywhere in 2020. The uniquely shaped diamond has regained popularity after a recent hiatus. 


This article originally appeared on InStyle Australia 

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