The 5 Top Wedding Trends Of 2018, According To Pinterest

Get set for some amazing events

Today, Pinterest unveiled the Pinterest 100, its annual trend forecast for the year ahead – and five bridal ideas stood out. If you’re planning a wedding (or any kind of party), read up: this is what everyone’s pinning right now.

1/ Boutique balloons

From the oversized extravaganzas that have dominated your Instagram feed to balloons filled with glitter, foliage and all kinds of pretty paraphernalia, searches for “filled balloons” have gone up 86 per cent.

2/ DIY foodie stations

First we had roaming entrees, then share platters – the next big thing in wedding food, Pinterest predicts, is DIY stations for guests to go crazy over: think make-your-own taco bars or DIY drinks stations.

3/ Non-alcoholic cocktails

Blame it on the (first) world’s obsession with wellness, but Pinterest searches for ‘virgin cocktails’ have gone up by a whopping 160 per cent. So don’t be surprised if the next nuptials you attend have swapped the champagne for kale juice (maybe pack a hip flask).

4/ Vegan desserts

Wedding menus are also getting the #cleanliving treatment, with searches for ‘vegan desserts’ in particular up a massive 329 per cent. Think vegan doughnut towers in place of traditional wedding cakes and all manner of sweet, dairy- and egg-free treats.

5/ Guest books reworked

Forget the standard guest book – now couples are looking for creative ways to capture guests’ well wishes, in a way that they can display in their home. From thumb print paintings to signed surfboards, saves for ‘guest book keepsake’ have boosted by 216 per cent.

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