What Is Mohair? Your Guide To The Prized Wool

Everything you need to know before purchasing that mohair jumper.
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Mohair wool is one of those materials that flies a little under the radar.

It might not be as famous as cashmere but it’s quality is arguably just as high.

Whether it’s a sweater, beanie or even a cosy rug, anything made with mohair has a particularly soft and luxurious feel.

So, before you click purchase on that new mohair jumper, let’s take you through everything you need to know about the material.

What Is Mohair?

What is mohair? Your guide to the fabric.
A woman wearing a mohair skirt and jumper. (Credit: Getty )

Mohair is a natural wool that is made from the hair of the Angora goat.

The fabric originates from the mountains of Tibet, where Angora goats also originally came from.

However, after the goats were introduced to Turkey, the U.S and South Africa, mohair is now produced across the world.

While the fibre is perfect for soft, cosy jumpers, beanies and gloves, it’s also regularly used in home furnishings because of its luxurious sheen and durability.

Why Is Mohair So Expensive?

Mohair involves a more intensive production process than standard sheep’s wool.

The shearing process takes place twice a year, when the wool is then thoroughly cleaned and spun into yarn.

This, and the sough-after shine and lust mohair wool offers, is why the material is more expensive than standard wool.

Like cashmere, mohair is considered to be a luxury fibre and is even often referred to as the ‘diamond’ fibre.

Is Mohair A Sustainable Material?

The good news is that mohair is regarded as a more sustainable fabric than cashmere and Angora.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s considered to be an ethical fabric with the welfare of the goats greatly varying from farm to farm.

When looking for a sustainable mohair product, its a good idea to buy second-hand or items that use recycled mohair wool.

The Best Mohair Products To Buy In 2024

Mohair jumper.


Cropped V-Neck Mohair Jumper

$225.00 at The Iconic

With its cropped silhouette and cosy fit, gorgeous blue and orange mohair jumper from Cos is guaranteed to be a winter wardrobe staple.

Key features:

  • Mohair and wool blend
  • Cropped length
  • V-Neckline
Mohair cardigans are an autumn staple.


Elka Collective Rue Mohair Merino Knit Cardigan

$249.00 at The Iconic

This cute mohair cardigan from Elka Collective is the perfect trans-seasonal staple. Throw it on with a pair of jeans or a little skirt and you’re set.

Key features:

  • Mohair, Merino and Nylon Blend.
  • Round neck
  • Button-down front
Mohair shoes.


Camilla And Marc

$750.00 at The Iconic

If you’re wanting to make a statement then you can’t go past these Camilla and Marc mohair pumps.

Key features:

  • Pointed toe
  • 9.5cm cone heel
  • Slip on style

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