What the stars wore to Cannes in 2006

Let’s rewind a decade and take a look at what celebs wore to walk the red carpet.
Eva Longoria
Borat (Credit: Getty)

Is nice?! Everyone’s favourite Kazakhstani TV presenter hit the beach during the festival to promote his first movie. No one has forgotten his mankini since. 

Eva Longoria (Credit: Getty)

The then Desperate Housewives star looks peachy working her bedazzled strapless number

Marion Cotillard (Credit: Getty)

Strapless? Lace? A puffball skirt? The French actress went for all three way back when. 

Diane Kruger (Credit: Getty)

Seriously, did no one wear sleeves back in the aughties?

Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci (Credit: Getty)

The Italian actress is a woman who understands all too well how it feels when you wear couture and your date (in her case husband) goes causal.  

Claudia Schiffer (Credit: Getty)

The German supermodel went a tad milkmaid in this white ruffled frock. 

Sharon Stone (Credit: Getty)

The perennial Cannes attendee made a bold statement teaming a cut-out white dress with a flower and violet eyeshadow. Magnificent is the not the word. 

Ursuala Andress (Credit: Getty)

The original Bond girl proved that fingerless gloves are for day and night. 

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