What To Wear To Yoga

It’s pretty simple, really

What do you wear to a yoga class? Despite being a place of calm and serenity, the first-time visit to a yoga studio can be overwhelming. Namaste and downward dog aside, figuring out what to wear to yoga can be stress inducing on its own. 

With so many different moves needed to be done, flexibility is key. Tights, sports bras and loose fitting T-shirts or tank tops are best and will give you the freedom to move your limbs around easily. For a hot yoga class or Bikram Yoga, swap longer tights for bike shorts, as they’ll give you the same room to room without overheating. Depending on the temperature in the studio, adjust the weight of your clothes. For outdoor yoga in the cooler months, opt to throw over a jumper which you can remove later. 

Leave your socks at home, barefoot is best for yoga. Unnecessary straps or super loose pants also aren’t recommended as yoga clothes, as they can easily get caught when transitioning from a pose. Baggy but still fitted pants are fine, just make sure you can move around freely — however, tight yoga pants are the best bet. Think about it like this: when you’re upside down or all tied up in a knot, will this clothing work for you? Most importantly, look for moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics that won’t weigh you down.

You are usually always welcome to bring your own yoga mat to a class, although double check with your studio. Most studios will provide mats. 

Still confused? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite yoga gear below. Happy shopping and namaste!


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