What Will Happen To The Queen’s 300-Piece Jewellery Collection?

It includes 16 tiaras, 98 brooches, 46 necklaces and 37 bracelets.
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There’s often no jewellery collection quite as significant or special to a person than one that belongs to their mother or grandmother, and unsurprisingly, Queen Elizabeth II’s personal archive gives this a whole new meaning. 

The queen is thought to have some 300 pieces of personal jewellery which she preserved, loaned and wore herself over her seven decade rule. This includes no less than 16 tiaras, 98 brooches, 46 necklaces and 37 bracelets. 

But in the wake of her passing, this extensive collection will move to a new home—and naturally, royal watchers who’ve taken note of the stunning appearances her pieces have made over the years are wanting to know where they’ll all end up. 

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What will happen to the Queen’s jewellery collection? 

The Queen’s jewellery will be passed onto members of the royal family, including her four children and their spouses. It’s also understood that Catherine, Princess of Wales will inherit some of the archival pieces. 

The specific individuals inheriting the pieces remain unknown given that the Queen’s will is private, but no matter its new owner, we can safely assume the jewellery can be loaned to other members of the family as has happened over decades in the royal family. 

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Already, we’re beginning to see this happen. For the procession to Westminster Hall with the Queen’s coffin on Tuesday, Princess Kate wore an all black ensemble embellished with the Queen’s own diamond leaf brooch which features a trio of pearls.

It’s understood the Queen loaned the piece to Kate, who has since worn it on several times on occasions of mourning. Meanwhile, the Queen was last seen wearing it in 1999 on her 73rd birthday, which she celebrated while visiting South Korea’s capital, Seoul. 

It’s also expected that over the coming days—and particularly at the Queen’s funeral—members of the royal family will pay tribute to Her Majesty by wearing her special jewellery pieces. 

At Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021, Kate wore the four-strand pearl and diamond choker which was given to Elizabeth II on her wedding day.

You’ll also notice a running trend of white pearls as the family grieves the Queen—white jewellery is often reserved for periods of mourning. 

What about the Crown Jewels?

As many royal watchers will be aware, the Crown Jewels don’t belong to an individual monarch, rather, they belong to the monarchy itself. Ahead of her funeral, the jewels were placed on top of the Queen’s coffin as she lay in state at Westminster Hall. Afterwards, they would be returned to their home at the Tower of London. 

Of course, it’s important to note that some pieces in the The Firm’s jewellery collection were stolen from countries they colonised many years ago. This includes the Kohinoor diamond, which once belonged to Maharaja Duleep Singh of the Sikh empire. The diamond was placed in the Queen Mother’s crown which she wore to Elizabeth’s coronation. In the wake of Elizabeth’s death, Twitter lit up with demands to return the diamond to its rightful home. But Whether King Charles III will actually choose to return it is anyone’s guess. 

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