Her Life In Looks: Queen Elizabeth II’s Best Fashion Moments Of All Time

The Queen of style.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, aged 96.

Over her seven-decade long reign, the late Queen Elizabeth II’s sovereignty was marked by odds-defining leadership, major world events and an astute commitment and loyalty to both crown and country.

Of course, all this was done with a perennially stylish wardrobe that changed how we look at Royal fashion forever.

As the world around her ushered in new modes of dressing (think: Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking Tuxedo Suit in 1966 or even the Y2K reign of mighty minis), Queen Elizabeth remained a tour de force, triumphant in her unwavering uniform and ability to be perfectly dressed for every occasion.

In the bygones before TikTok’s three-word-method or the era of capsule wardrobes, Queen Elizabeth’s dedication to always dressing the part provided a reprieve for a nation struggling with economic disparity and cost of living crises.

For a monarch born into one of the most historic and traditional institutions, Queen Elizabeth always upheld the Royal rules of dressing, however took these royal rules in stride by injecting her own personality and reverence into the silhouettes.

From her coveted collection of Hermès scarfs and Nova Check trench coats that she sported when off-duty at Sandringham House or Balmoral Castle to her effortlessly elegant collection of two-piece sets, Queen Elizabeth brought Royal style into the 21st century.

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, we look back at her life in looks and round up her greatest contributions to the fashion industry.

Queen Elizabeth Pioneered Dopamine Dressing Before It Was Even A Thing 

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Arguably one of the most recognisable and signature silhouettes of all time, Queen Elizabeth bold and high-octane silhouettes will go down in history.

Acting as a reprieve for Britain’s grey skies and moody weather, Queen Elizabeth always sported a monochrome, brightly-coloured ensemble to ensure that she could always be seen by her dominions.

In a 2019 documentary called The Queen At 90, the Queen’s daughter in law Sophie, Countess of Wessex revealed the real reason for the Queen’s affinity for vivid colours.

“She needs to stand out for people to say ‘I saw the Queen’. Don’t forget when she turns up somewhere, the crowds are two, three, four, 10, 15 deep, and someone wants to be able to say they saw a bit of the Queen’s hat as she went past,” she explained.

And with dopamine dressing one of the biggest trends to emerge from the pandemic, it seems that Queen Elizabeth was secretly a proponent for serotonin-boosting style all along.

Queen Elizabeth Proved The Benefits Of A Capsule Wardrobe

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Capsule wardrobes certainly have a chokehold on the fashion industry, and there’s no better case study for the benefits of investing in several essential wardrobe mainstays than Queen Elizabeth II.

Her style can be summarised in few iconic looks: a two-piece skirt and blazer set, a floral nap dress (albeit in her earlier years), an austere tailored trench and a modest ball gown.

Never once did Queen Elizabeth II deviate from this wardrobe, except once when she wore trousers while on a Royal tour in Canada in 1970. If it’s good enough for the Queen, it’s good enough for us.

Queen Elizabeth Was A Beacon For Emerging British Designers

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Queen Elizabeth was not just a passive fashion supporter, but rather took an avid interest in cementing England’s position as a leading player on the world stage.

In 2018, the Queen shocked the fashion industry by rubbing shoulders with fashion elite including Anna Wintour on the front row at Richard Quinn’s debut runway show.

The Queen also implemented the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, a prize partly created with the British Fashion Council that recognises an exceptional emerging designer that demonstrates originality and exceptional talent.

This year, Kate Middleton presented the award on the Queen’s behalf, so we have no doubt that senior members of the Royal family will continue the Queen’s love of fashion by issuing the awards in her honour.

Queen Elizabeth Cemented Burberry’s Legacy As A Heritage Fashion Brand 


There’s no doubting Queen Elizabeth’s affinity for Burberry’s nova check print.

Whether it’s spotted on her silk scarf or her Burberry trench coat, Burberry’s legacy as a heritage British fashion brand was cemented as an English icon when Queen Elizabeth appointed Burberry as the Crown’s official Weatherproofer in 1955.

Queen Elizabeth Changed The Rules Of What A Royal Uniform Should Be

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Queen Elizabeth arguably liberated female members of the Royal family through her choice of fashion.

Thanks to her flexibly and feminine approach to dressing, the Queen paved way for the iconic soft silhouettes and summer dresses we see worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Of course, there’s been many times where her Royal family has sartorially paid tribute to her iconic style and even rifled through the Royal archives to borrow a piece from her closet themselves.

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