So This Is Why Kate Middleton Never Takes Her Coat Off

It's not her call to make

Any avid royal-watchers will be aware of one thing: while Meghan Markle can (for the time being, at least) flaunt fashion protocols, Kate Middleton always obeys the rules – and in winter, she’s always seen wearing a buttoned-up coat.

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As Harper’s Bazaar UK reports, removing her coat in public is deemed “unladylike” according to (presumably ancient) royal traditions. The same sartorial dictates ensure the Duchess is never seen wearing coloured nail polish, always has perfect hair (Meghan, meanwhile, loves a messy bun) and rarely appears without a block-colour two-piece.

kate middleton coat
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kate middleton pregnant coat
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For anyone with princess aspirations, take note: it’s a tough life being a modern-day royal.

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