5 Lessons In Winter Layering

Layers 101

You know what they say about layers, the more the better — and as far as winter fashion is concerned, this definitely rings true. As the mercury drops and the nights get more and more freezing, our outfits need to follow suit. Below, we’ve rounded up five tricks to layering successfully in the cold — boots, scarves and jackets included.


Tights under pants, jumpers under jackets

Layer up your knits like your life depends on it, and utilize summer jeans with a simple second layer of tights or stockings. We want to see material on material on material, ladies!

Winter layering

Monochrome power

Whether it’s all white, all black or all pink, layer up in like-colours for a standout look. For added interested, pair it with a contrasting accessory — a pop of neon or snakeskin will go down a treat with a monochrome colour palette.

Winter layering

Summer dresses aren’t dead

Summer favourites shouldn’t be cast away altogether, but layer up on knits and jackets to make it work. Cropped is best to ensure your torso remains elongated and not overwhelmed with fabric.

Accessories in winter

Accessories are everything

Use your accessories as a layer, from a scarf neatly draped over a shoulder to a whole cache of clips applied liberally to your hair. Why not?

Winter layering boots

Up the ante

The taller your boots the better this season. Wear them layered under long and mid-length skirts for a multifaceted approach, creating depth and adding serious punch.

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