Why Wire Frames Are The Biggest Trend In Eyewear This Season

And how to find the right pair for you

From Gigi Hadid to Hayley Bieber and just about every major street style fashion blogger in the world, wire-framed glasses are taking over our Instagram feeds this Autumn and newsflash, they’re here to stay. A combination of sophisticated and playful wire framed glasses add an extra touch to just about any look – plus the best bit is that OPSM has a wire-frame to suit everyone.

Wire-framed glasses aren’t anything new, Ray-Ban was one of the first to send the 70s trend mainstream with their aviator frames. And when geek chic made a comeback a couple of years ago so did these. But it wasn’t until now that fashion stylists around the globe are jumping on the bandwagon and ditching shades for clear lenses.

Marie Claire’s Senior Digital Fashion Editor, Francesca Wallace explains “wire frames flatter just about every face and shape, thanks to their thin make-up.” But not sure which frames suit your face shape? Here’s our go-to guide.

1\ Round

For those with round face shapes (think Emma Stone) and fuller cheeks and a softer jawline, make friends with wider frames that work with your angles, not against them.

OPSM Burberry collection
Burberry eyewear available at OPSM

2\ Square

7% of all Aussies have a square face shape (think Angelina Jolie), with equal proportions in width and length, square face shapes suit frames that sit higher, for example, cat-eye styles which soften their angular features.

Versace eyewear available at OPSM
Versace eyewear available at OPSM

3\ Heart shape

If your face is best described as a wider forehead with a more pointed chin (think Kourtney Kardashian) then balance your shape with wide, upturned lenses.

OPSM Michael Kors collection
Michael Kors eyewear available at OPSM

4\ Oval

If your face is more oval in shape (think Jennifer Lawrence) you’ve been blessed by the glasses, gods. You’ve got a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing your frames as most styles will work for you. Our advice, go bold with oversized frames and thicker frames.

OPSM Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani eyewear available at OPSM

So you’ve got the glasses but not quite sure how to style your new frames with your wardrobe? Francesca recommends … “Play into some of the season’s coolest throwback trends. Wire frames are best worn with cardigans (yes, they’re back!) or a checkered blazer.”

If you haven’t already heard, it’s chic to be a little nerdy.

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