You Can Now Buy Bella Swan’s Actual Wedding Dress In An Auction

Twilight fans, listen up!

If you’ve been having Twilight withdrawals since the final movie was released, never fear, because you can take your Twilight fandom to the next level. Yep, the filmmakers are having an auction to end all auctions!

Prop Store and Summit Entertainment are hosting a two-day live Twilight Saga Auction of original props, costumes and set decoration pieces with more than 900 items up for auction. 

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Among the most popular items are two versions of Bella Swan’s wedding dress from her dream. One is the bloodied version from the nightmare, while the other is the unbloodied version.

You can preview the catalog with both versions.

What better way to relive the #romance?

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Rosalie’s throwback wedding dress is also up for grabs, plus lots more costumes and props from the films.

The auction will take place on November 19 and November 20, and you can bid online.

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