You’ll Never Guess Kate Moss’ Favourite Dress Of All Time

And there’s a heartwarming true story to go with it…

Kate Moss has worn some pretty spectacular gowns in her lifetime.

The sheer metallic slip dress, worn with a pair of lace knickers and a big grin? The yellow tea dress, demure and ladylike, for her first outing post her brush with drug scandal in 2005? The Marc Jacobs golden wrap dress with matching turban, for her turn as Met Gala co-chair in 2009?

All fabulous. None of them her favourite.

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Her favourite is actually a black sequinned sheath dress, a show-stopping gown she wore to the 1995 Golden Globes. The supermodel was there as the guest of her then-boyfriend, Johnny Depp, and in fact, the dress was a vintage piece gifted to her by said paramour.

We know this now because Rebecca Hale, costume designer for the Absolutely Fabulous movie, has revealed that she based the emerald green gown that Moss wears in the film on that iconic Golden Globes look.

“For Kate Moss, I really wanted her to look just like herself,” Hale told The New York Times. “So I went to her house and we discussed everything, the different parts she would be playing and the different scenes she would be in. I said ‘We need to have a really great dress that we can replicate eight times.’ I wanted to approach Yves Saint Laurent, but we didn’t have enough time because it was fashion week.”

“And she said, ‘One of my favourite dresses is a dress Johnny Depp gave me when I was 21.’ It was from Western Costumes in Los Angeles. And we had a look at [it]; it’s a very simple shape, sequin dress, which was backless and it would accommodate a wet suit underneath, since she had to come out of the River Thames [in the film]. So we put a fish tail at the back and we made seven of those.”

Kate Moss in the Absolutely Fabulous movie

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