Zara To Launch Augmented Reality Shopping App

The future of shopping is here

Just as our hip pockets adjust to the fact that Zara is now available here in Australia, comes the news that they are launching their own augmented reality shopping app.

The app, called ZaraAR will be available from April 12 in select stores worldwide for two weeks. 

The app will superimpose augmented reality onto three different sites: store windows, centrally-located podiums, and e-commerce delivery boxes. So you will be able to see the clothes you want to buy on models in front of you, without having to try them on yourself.

From there you will be able to shop the piece directly from your phone, and either have it delivered or grab it right there in store. 

Zara aren’t the first brand to delve into the world of augmented reality, with brands constantly trying to lure customers back in stores with the likes of Topshop, Uniqlo, IKEA and Converse all having previously rolled out their own augmented reality offerings.

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