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Australian ‘Survivor’ Is Back For 2021, And The Theme Proves It’s The Biggest Season Yet

Survivors ready?

After nearly a year since the last season, Australian Survivor will be returning to our screens in 2021 (and we’re pretty excited). 

While we’re yet to have confirmation of the exact air date, we do have one piece of information to keep us satisfied; the theme. This year, the theme of the show will be ‘Brains V Brawn.’ As the name suggests, the show will see contestants battle it out in a game of wits versus strength. Will the calculating strategists or the muscly athletes come out on top? We can’t wait to find out. 

As we know, it takes a lot more than just physical strength to be the last one standing in this game. It’s all about identifying your biggest opponents early, playing on peoples weaknesses and always thinking one step ahead. 

There have been a few more pieces of information released as well, including the announcement of Jonathan LaPaglia returning as the host. Filming commenced earlier this month near the small town of Cloncurry in Queensland. The decision was made to film this season locally due to the ongoing impact of the global pandemic. 

The ‘Brains V Brawn’ theme has already played out on the US version a few times with highly entertaining results. As we’ve come to learn with this game, nothing is ever as it seems. 

Survivors ready? 

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