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Bridget Moynahan Reveals Her Reaction To *That* ‘And Just Like That’ Scene

“It’s a really wonderful moment that she gets to share with Carrie”

Now that Sex And The City is back, fans of the franchise have been waiting with anticipation for many of the series regulars to return to the silver screen.

With Susan Sharon making her come back, and the petition for Jennifer Coolidge’s Victoria to replace Samantha as the missing member of the fab four, without a doubt Bridget Moynahan’s reprisal of Natasha Naginsky in And Just Like That was the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

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Now, in an interview with ELLE US, Moynahan reveals exactly what she thought about her reunion with Carrie.

“It’s a really wonderful moment that she gets to share with Carrie”, Moynahan shared with ELLE.

In Moynahan’s own words, her awkward-albeit-hilarious run in with Carrie was one of “I don’t know why he ever wanted to marry me. He’s always been in love with you”.

“I think that was probably a really hard thing for her to admit”, Moynahan said, “but also really great that she shared that”.

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Several failed endeavors later, including Carrie being told Natasha is “in Rome” when she’s actually just in her office two feet away, the frenemies finally have the heart-to-heart fans have been craving since that horrible sit down in a Season 3 episode of the original series.

Which takes us to *that* all-too-real run in at the cafe restroom.

“When I had to do the scene in the bathroom, I just tried to have fun with it”, Moynahan shared.

“Big loved Carrie, he always was in love with Carrie—for her to say that to Carrie and say it out loud feels like a nice close for them”. We couldn’t agree more.

Sharing her answer to the question we all want to know, Moynahan revealed “yes, I have blocked people before, for sure”.

And just like that, we’re more in love with Bridget Moynahan than ever (if that’s even humanly possible).  

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