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The Cartier Women’s Initiative Fellows Have Been Announced & They’re Seriously Impressive

An Aussie is among them!

When people think of Cartier, the delicate band of a LOVE bracelet is probably conjured, or perhaps a diamond-encrusted panther pendant. However, with the work they do through the Cartier Women’s Initiative, that automatic association is steadily changing. Not satisfied with merely representing the epitome of luxury, since 2006 Cartier has been working to support women-run businesses from around the world, empowering those who are trying to make a difference in society for the better. 

Today they announce the 24 fellows whose businesses they’ll support in 2021 with financial, social and human capital needed for the entrepreneurs to build their businesses and enhance their leadership skills. They were chosen from 876 applicants, hailing from over 142 countries. 

Open to women-run and women-owned businesses from across the globe, the Cartier Women’s Initiative focuses on those whose ethos is aimed as having a strong and sustainable impact on society, as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In the 15 years since the initiative was launched, Cartier has assisted 260 female entrepreneurs from 59 different countries, and has awarded over US $4 million to support the burgeoning businesses.

This year, two of the fellowship recipients are from close-to-home: Aussie, Edwina Sharrock, and Rebecca Percasky from New Zealand.

Rebecca Percasky (Credit: Image: Supplied)

Sharrock is the CEO of Birth Beat, an organisation that is tackling the issue of perinatal depression and anxiety, and in particular, how it is fed by a lack of information surrounding childbirth and parenthood. Birth Beat is changing that narrative by providing a globally accessible tool for parents that educates and empowers them with knowledge about birth and parenthood, improving the experience of birth in the process. 

Meanwhile, Percasky’s business, The Better Packaging Co., is addressing the issue of the global waste crisis: over 5 billion parcels are sent every year and most are packaged in a heavy-duty single use plastic courier satchel, meaning they’re never recycled as it’s difficult and not economical. To minimise the impact, The Better Packaging produces sustainable & compostable packaging, practicing product stewardship communication and educating about waste.

Speaking about the importance of the Cartier Women’s Initiative, and specifically supporting women in business, President and CEO of Cartier International, Cyrille Vigneron, said: “Women have always had a pivotal role at Cartier, both as a driving force and an endless source of inspiration. In these challenging times, they are more admirable than ever, proving their resilience in the face of adversity and their ability to create concrete and durable solutions not only for themselves but for their communities and the world at large. 

“It is our honor and pride to support these women who keep pushing the boundaries in order to make the world a better and more equal place.”

For more information about the fellows, you can visit

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