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Cameron Diaz And Drew Barrymore Revisit Their Iconic ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Roles In Viral #BossBitchFightChallenge

The self-isolation content we've all been waiting for

If there’s one thing self-isolation has made us grateful for, it’s the A-Grade level of creative content our favourite celebrities are dishing out to the internet. While there’s been plenty of moments that have made our hearts sing, the latest video compilation that features some of Hollywood’s leading ladies get in a bit of a virtual dust-up, is without a doubt our favourite.

The Boss Bitch Fight Challenge initiated by New Zealand stuntwoman Zoë Bell, is an expertly edited piece of Instagram cinematography that unites the likes of Margot Robbie, Florence Pugh and Halle Berry in an effort to fight quarantine boredom. It even features Hollywood BFF’s Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore who look like they revisited some of their iconic Charlie’s Angels fight scenes for a few moves and tips.

“I’m so bored,” says Bell in the video, “I just want to play with my friends. Wait a minute, I can play with my friends,” she says before throwing the first punch.

The five-minute masterpiece features a slew of kicking, punching and slamming before the camera cuts to the next person. Florence made the important decision to not waste a full wine bottle, instead opting for a dog’s chew toy, while Margot resorted to her trust Harley Quinn baseball bat to do her bidding.

With the level of phenomenal acting, impressive editing and general boss bitch attitude, this might be the one video that gets us through self-isolation!

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