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Everything We Know About ‘The Bachelorette’ 2021, Starring Our Leading Lady, Brooke Blurton

The season will make TV history.

Brooke Blurton has broken the internet this morning with her debut as the Bachelorette for 2021. If you’re wanting to soak up as much information as possible on the upcoming season, we’ve got everything you need to know. 

Last year’s season of the Bachelorette saw sisters Elly and Becky Miles search for love alongside one another. At the time, it was thought to be a fairly unconventional approach for the franchise. Now, 26-year-old Brooke will make Australian reality TV history, debuting as the first openly bisexual and Indigenous Bachelorette.

How Is This Year’s The Bachelorette Australia Different From Past Seasons?

This season will make global history with the first mixed-gender cast of any Bachelor or Bachelorette franchise in the world. Throughout the season, Brooke will be spending time with both men and women in her quest to find love. 

“If it makes people feel uncomfortable in any way, I really challenge them to think about why it does,” she said in a statement.  

During her time on The Bachelor in 2018, she addressed her sexuality while talking to leading man Nick Cummins. Here, she revealed she’d had four relationships in her life, with one of them being with a man.

“When I was in those relationships, I looked beyond what they were as female and I really loved [them] for who they were as people.”

Brooke’s Instagram page has already been flooded with messages of support. The Bachelorette Australia host, Osher Günsberg has also expressed his excitement about the upcoming season.

In a recently released statement, he said:  “We are a nation of people from so many different backgrounds, so many different cultures and so many different experiences, yet we all have one thing in common – we all want to be loved in a way that is meaningful to us. I can’t wait to get started on helping our Bachelorette Brooke find that kind of love.”

What Kind Of Person Is Brooke Blurton Looking For In The Bachelorette?

As for what she’s looking for, Brooke has a pretty clear idea. 

“My perfect person is someone that loves me for me. I hope they offer shared values and compassion for others. All the dreamy things. I’m so excited and hope that I finally find that person I’ve been waiting for.”

Channel Ten’s decision to cast Brooke as this year’s leading lady comes after years of enthusiasm to see her handing out the roses, instead of receiving them. There have been growing calls to cast Brooke as the Bachelorette, and the network has taken them on board. 

“Times are more progressive and sexuality and gender expression are just so fluid these days. I am not too sure if Australia is ready for it. I hope they are. I certainly am.”

Is There A Trailer For 2021’s The Bachelorette Australia?

Released on September 29, the first sneak peek into the upcoming season sees Brooke stunning viewers in a gorgeous scarlet gown, a top a cliff’s edge in Yamaji country, Western Australia. While, sure, the teaser isn’t giving fans much, it does see Brooke explaining her relationship to Country and her choice to find love through “soul connection”, no matter the pronouns.

Channel 10 also dropped an extended trailer, which sees Brooke get teary and emotional over being the first Indigenous bisexual Bachelorette. “The barriers that have been broken just by doing this I think is huge”, Brooke laments. “I am just a girl trying to fall in love”.

We also get a glimpse of some of  the eligible contestants who are competing for Brooke’s affection, and our first same-sex pairing. We see a dashing man in a suit riding in on a tractor and a woman in a beautiful red gown woo Brooke with a waltz.   

Quite frankly, we cannot wait for Brooke to take centre stage.

Watch Below: The Bachelorette Australia 2021 Teaser

When Will The Bachelorette Australia 2021 Premiere?

Currently, a release date for Brooke’s season of The Bachelorette Australia is yet to be released. But considering teasers have been released, it’s safe to say that the new season will be coming soon to Network Ten.

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