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Cher Is Set To Turn Back Time With The Release Of Her Own Biopic

We can’t wait for the iconic fashion moments.

Biopics are having a real moment right now and we’re loving every minute of it. Journeying back through time and reliving some of the biggest moments in pop culture history feels like a real gift, especially if you didn’t get to live it out at the time. Now, Cher is the latest celebrity getting the biopic treatment, courtesy of Universal and Oscar-winning screenwriter Eric Roth. 

The star took to Twitter to announce the news, in celebration of her 75th birthday. She also revealed that the film will be produced by the talented team behind Mamma Mia!, having worked with them back in 2018 on the second film. As it turns out, screenwriter Eric Roth is the man behind Forrest Gump and A Star Is Born, so it’s safe to say the project is in very good hands. 

The film will focus on her decades-long career and her wild and wonderful personal life. It won’t exclusively cover the highs though, as the singer’s devastating lows have also played an important part in shaping who she is. Cher has been married twice, Oscar-nominated twice and is also a mother of two.

Nobody can forget her love affair with Tom Cruise back in 1985, which created a stir due to their 15-year age difference (he was 23 at the time and she was 38. The pair bonded over their shared dyslexia, but ultimately their busy schedules kept them apart. 


When it comes to career hustle, nobody does it better than Cher. Her 1987 fragrance named ‘Uninhibited’ brought in $15 million worth of sales in the first year alone. Her Cher Barbie doll became the highest selling doll of the year in 1976 and she is the only artist to have had Billboard number ones in six consecutive decades, from the 1960s to 2010s. In short, she’s basically done anything and everything. 

As for her life on the big screen, her filmography includes Silkwood, Mask, The Witches of Eastwick and Moonstruck (for which she won the Academy Award for best actress). 


When it comes to the fashion moments we’re most looking forward to seeing, her  1974 Met Gala Naked Dress is undoubtedly number one. Other top hits include the leopard print bodysuit from her 1979 TV special, 1986 Academy Awards Mohawk Dress and the 1992 Love Hurts Tour where she wore a leather leotard with chains. 

The internet is already in a frenzy following the good news, as we wait to watch the life of a true icon play out on the big screen. In response to a fan who said they had been waiting 50 years for a Cher film, the singer simply replied: “I had more life to live.”

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