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The Highly Anticipated ‘Lessons In Chemistry’ Adaptation Is About To Land In Australia

Here's what you need to know.

It’s not unusual for novels to be adapted for screen, particularly when they’ve had as much acclaim as Bonnie Garmus’ Lessons In Chemistry.

The author’s debut novel was published just last year, and is already set to receive the silver screen treatment, in a series coming this October to Apple TV+.

With the series’ trailer dropping this week, and the air date creeping closer, our excitement to relive this best-selling story onscreen couldn’t be higher. So, below, everything we know about Lessons in Chemistry’s television adaptation.

Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott. (Credit: Image: Apple)

What Is Lessons In Chemistry About? 

Set in the 1960s, Lessons In Chemistry follows Elizabeth Zott, who works as a chemist at Hastings Research Institute. However when Elizabeth unexpectedly finds herself as a single mother, she is forced to leave her job, and reluctantly accepts a role as the host of a television cooking show: Supper At Six

Speaking of the inspiration behind the plot, Garmus told The Bookseller, I set it in that decade for a particular reason: that was my mother’s decade of being a stay-at-home mum and I realised, as I got older, exactly what these women had had to give up and how much work they had done [in the home] that went unacknowledged.”

Author Bonnie Garmus. (Credit: Image: Getty)

In a salute to this generation, Garmus’ Elizabeth sets out to inspire a nation of housewives, by applying her background in chemistry to a culinary setting and, in turn, teaching them to take back control of their lives.

Is Lessons In Chemistry A True Story?

While the story is inspired by a true historical period, according to Garmus, all of the characters are fictional – except one. 

“Six Thirty, the dog in the story, is based on my old dog, Friday,” she told Better Reading.

“Although Friday didn’t know as many words as Six-Thirty, she was really smart and influenced the way I thought about human-species interaction and our place in the animal kingdom.”

(Credit: Image: Apple)

Who Is Cast In Lessons In Chemistry?

Academy Award winner Brie Larson will take on leading character Elizabeth Zott. Joining her will be Top Gun: Maverick’s Lewis Pullman as Calvin Evans, How To Get Away With Murder’s Aja Naomi King as Harriet Slone,  Stephanie Koenig as Fran Frask, Patrick Walker as Wakely, and Ashley Monique Clark as Martha Wakeley.

How To Watch Lessons In Chemistry From Australia

Lessons In Chemistry will be available to stream on Apple TV+ from October 13. 

Start streaming now on Apple TV+ with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.

In the meantime, get acquianted with the story by reading the book, available now on Apple Books in both ebook and audiobook formats for $14.99.

Or, you can order a physical copy from Booktopia for $13.50, or at Amazon for $12.

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