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The marie claire Next 25 Reveal The Intriguing Fact You Don’t Know About Them

In our final instalment, the next generation of game-changers reveal the surprising side of themselves

For the past 25 years, marie claire has championed women in all their glory. Whether it’s the hometown heros making a difference in their local community or the Hollywood heavyweights fighting for better representation on and behind the camera, we’ve shared their stories of bravery, boldness and brilliance. 

While birthdays are often a time to reminisce about the past, we’re also using this opportunity to look to the future. To celebrate, we’ve singled out the 25 trailblazers and future-shapers set to make their mark on the next quarter century. They’re champions of courage, change and creativity – the fearless females who are shaking things up in the world of art, business, sport, entertainment and advocacy. 

Here, five of them answer the question: Tell us an interesting or fun fact that people might not know about you.

Without further ado…

(Credit: Image: Darren McDonald)

Phoebe Tonkin, Actor

“I can balance three spoons on my face, and I love indoor rock climbing.” 

(Credit: Image: Getty)

Thelma Plum, Musician

“When I was in grade 4, I took some Shania Twain lyrics and I wrote them in my diary. I took them to my friends at school and said, ‘this is my new song I wrote’,” Plum told The Feed. Better yet, her friends didn’t question her claim. “They were like, ‘this is a beautiful song’, and we never spoke about it again.”

(Credit: Image: Getty)

Anna Brown, Activist

“I have an identical twin sister. She is a neuroscientist and has three young girls, including twins. Much more impressive than me! And I played women’s Aussie rules football when I was younger…before it was cool.” 

(Credit: Image: Supplied)

Perina Drummond, Model Agent & Stylist

Before founding her modelling agency, Jira Models, Drummond was a finalist in the Miss Universe Australia competition.

(Credit: Image:

JasmineTXO, TikTok Superstar

“Something that most people don’t know about me is that I love to sing and have a passion for musical theatre! Watching and listening to musicals genuinely brings me so much joy. As for me personally, I have always loved singing and took lessons for a little while in my early teens but only recently started picking it up again. I’m still learning and have so much growing to do but it’s something that makes me so happy and that I absolutely love! All I can say is that if something makes you smile- just do it! You’re never too old to pick up an old passion again!” 

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