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MAFS’ Jake Edwards’ Ex, Sophie Guidolin, Called Beck Zemek To Discuss Their “Similar Experience”

"We shared a similar experience with someone who we hope we can get the help they need."

Despite only being together for a few months following his stint on Married At First Sight, Jake Edwards and his girlfriend Sophie Guidolin have called it quits. Following news of their breakup, Edwards’ former MAFS bride, Beck Zemek, has shared that she and the fitness influencer have spoken about the “similar experiences” they endured. 

I got an unexpected call last night from someone who needed to confide in me,” the reality star starts, referencing Guidoloin, which was confirmed by So Dramatic! “She has never met me, but we shared a similar experience with someone who we hope we can get the help they need, because although this person hurt us, he deserves support to change his mindset.”

Zemek goes on to say that while many would have believed she had her life “together”, her bubbly exterior was really masking how unhappy she was. 

“As happy and bubbly as I am, on the inside I was so unhappy, I was a people pleaser ensuring everyone around me was satisfied with me,” she wrote. “Except me. I was in a rat race trying to chase what I had been told was ‘success’, and although I had achieved that perception, it didn’t feel how I thought it should. And that’s when things changed…

“I started to try fill the void, and in the only way I knew how… partying. I was chasing these temporary moments to fill happy because that’s what it did.”

Zemek adds that things finally changed when she met someone “who saw the pain” and guided her to “reflect and understand the power” of the mind. 

“He pointed out to me that I had not dealt with. I didn’t realise the hate I held upon myself for things out of my control,” she says. “Fast forward to now, I am the happiest I have ever been now!! I’m sure you’re wondering how I got myself out of that hole and out of that mindset. 💥” 

Finishing the lengthy post, Zemek writes: “It came down to fighting every moment of trauma, unworthiness, ego, hate, insecurities, and fears. I had to dig deep to realise that if I wanted my life to change I was the thing that had to change. And that’s where I had a turning point.” 

It remains unclear exactly what Zemek and Guidolin spoke about, but it seems the pair have formed an unlikely alliance following their relationships with Edwards. 

The news of their friendship comes as the reality star confirmed she had found love, with new boyfriend Ben Mitchell (while also taking aim at Edwards and Guidolin). 

“No tattoos, just love,” Zemek captioned the photo, referring to Edwards’ decision to tattoo ‘Sophie’ onto his arm. 

Meanwhile, it was the fitness influencer that confirmed that she and Edwards had ended their romance via Instagram, replying to a comment from a fan who queried whether they were still together.

“No, his values & character certainly do not align with my own and I wish him all the best to get the help he needs.” she wrote.

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