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Meghan Markle Jumped On A Zoom Call For A Cause Close To Her Heart

"I'm so proud"

Even the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had to turn to video conferencing during self-isolation. On top of venturing outside to deliver meals in Los Angeles for Project Angel Food, Meghan Markle also jumped onto a Zoom call with the members of the Hubb Community Kitchen.

Displaced after the Grenfell tower fire in 2017, Hubb’s all-female staff work out of the Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre in London to provide free food for vulnerable members of their community. In 2018 Markle wrote the forward to the group’s cookbook and has remained connected to the organisation’s leadership.

When it was announced that they would be joining the Evening Standard’s Food for London Now initiative, the Duchess called to congratulate them on their hard work. Together with The Felix Project, a non-profit dedicated to food distribution, they have been preparing between 250-300 meals per week all for at-risk Londoners.

Rather than go to her usual dressed-up looks for the conference, Markle kept things simple with a classic white t-shirt, slicked-back hair and a winning smile.

She said, “I’m so proud of the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen, and the continued support the Felix Project gives them to carry out these acts of goodwill, which at this moment in time are urgently needed.”

“You all had it in you,” Meghan continued. “It’s just inspired so many people.”

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