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Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman Are Co-Starring In A Thrilling Psychodrama Titled ‘May December’

It sounds incredible.

There’s nothing we love more than a psychological drama, especially one involving two talented, world-renowned actresses. The latest film set to hit our screens involves two Oscar-winning women, Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore. If that isn’t exciting enough, the movie also involves acclaimed director Todd Haynes (making this his sixth collaboration with Moore).

Titled May December, the film follows Gracie Atherton-Yu (played by Moore), who was previously the subject of a tabloid scandal for marrying a man 23-years her junior. Elizabeth Barry (played by Portman), is an actress set to play Gracie in an upcoming film. As part of her process, Elizabeth decides to visit Gracie and her family in Maine, to get into character and familiarize herself with their lives.

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As the official synopsis reveals, “family dynamics unravel under the pressure of the outside gaze as Elizabeth and Gracie study each other, the similarities and differences between the two women begin to ebb and flow.” It sounds pretty great, right?

Speaking about his decision to come on board for the project, director Haynes said:  

“What so appealed to me about Samy Burch’s exceptional script was how it navigated potentially volatile subject matter with a kind of observational patience that allowed the characters in the story to be explored with uncommon subtlety.”

May December will be written by Samy Burch and is set to be produced by Will Ferrell’s Gloria Sanchez Productions (who brought you Hustlers and Booksmart). Filming is slated to begin in 2022, so while it won’t be hitting our screens anytime soon, we can already tell it’ll be worth the wait.

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