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Prince George Is Set To Appear In His Favourite TV Show


Prince George’s extravagant life as a royal is far removed from the average 4-year-old’s experience, from decadent school lunches (including Portugese egg custard tarts), world tours and his very famous parents. 

But there’s one thing he has in common with his 4-year-old cohorts: a love of television. His favourite show? Fireman Sam (sorry Peppa Pig, George has moved on).

In celebration of Fireman Sam’s 30th anniversary, the hit children’s show has announced it will air a special ‘royal’ episode that pays tribute to George.

“We’re going to celebrate Fireman Sam‘s 30th anniversary by introducing a very special episode,” producer Ian McCue told PEOPLE.

“We heard that we have a very famous fan in Prince George, so we thought it would be really fun to bring a royal family to Pontypandy and see how the community reacts to that.”

We’re pretty sure this will be George’s exact reaction to the episode (and ours too).

Prince George

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