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Prince George Isn’t Allowed A Best Friend At School

But who will give the speech at his 21st?

They’re the person you pass secret notes to in the classroom. The one who gives you their Nutella sandwich at lunchtime because your mum insists you have salad on yours (and a few years later, supplies you with your first Smirnoff Double Black). That trusted best friend you can confide in about crushes, the cool girls and what you discovered in the sealed section of Girlfriend.

But all that will be lost on Prince George. Because at St Thomas’s Battersea, the elite primary school he started at last week, best friends are strictly forbidden (to be fair, he probably wasn’t going to be reading Girlfriend anyway).

According to local resident Jane Moore, who spoke on the Loose Women panel last week, St Thomas’s policy is fervently against BFFs. “They don’t encourage you to have best friends,” Moore says, as reported by marie claire UK.

“There are signs everywhere saying ‘be kind’ – that’s the ethos of the school,” she explains.

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We’re all for their corresponding birthday party rule – if you’re not going to invite everyone in your class, then the invitations can’t be handed out at school – but no best friends? That sounds extreme. In a goes-against-human-nature, depriving-children-of-forging-strong-relationships kind of way.

If we were Prince George, we’d be issuing a royal decree to override St Thomas’s policy, stat. But at least the food there is good.

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