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It’s Not Over! How To Get Taylor Swift Tickets If You Missed Out

Never say die, Swifties.
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Thousands of Swifties experienced broken-hearts when Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour sold out so quickly.

However, it’s not all ‘My Tears Ricochet’, as official resale is finally live, and will be allowing ticket resale right up until the concert.

So how does the resale work? 

Ticketek let us in on the process in a recent Tweet. “Important note! This is not a new release of tickets, Marketplace will only list tickets for any fans who wish to sell their tickets,” it read.

“Ticket availability is therefore subject to fans listing their tickets for resale.”

Tickets are onsale from 10am on November 24, 2023, and tickets sold through the Tmarketplace are officially recognised by Ticketek, as opposed to tickets sold through other third party websites.

If you missed out, we have one message: it’s not over until Taylor Swift sings!

Before we get into the last resort options, here’s the basics:

What Are The Eras Tour Australia Dates?

These are the Australian tour dates for Sydney and Melbourne in February 2024:

  • Melbourne MCG: Friday, 16 February 2024
  • Melbourne MCG: Saturday, 17 February 2024
  • Melbourne MCG: Sunday, 18 February 2024
  • Sydney Accor Arena: Friday, 23 February 2024
  • Sydney Accor Arena: Saturday, 24 February 2024
  • Sydney Accor Arena: Sunday 25 February 2024
  • Sydney Accor Arena: Monday 26 February 2024
There is still hope if you didn’t get tickets. (Credit: Getty)

How To Get Taylor Swift Eras Tour Australia Tickets If You Missed Out? 

If you missed out in the general sale, the only avenue that remains is resale. The good news is that ticket prices are capped at a 10 per cent premium, so you hopefully won’t need to pay and arm and a leg if you do manage to secure them. 

How To Buy Official Eras Tour Resale Tickets

Tickets will be available from 10am on November 24 at the Ticketek Marketplace (TMarketplace).

The marketplace is the only official place to buy and sell Eras Tour tickets now the general sale is over. While it is a third-party site to Ticketek, it integrates with the Ticketek app to ensure you get real tickets and aren’t duped by shady resellers.

Anyone that has a Ticketek account and Eras tour tickets can choose to list their tickets. When they’re resold, a new barcode is issued so the original buyer can no longer attend the event.

While there are other sites that are selling tickets second hand, Ticketek warns that any ticket that is not resold through their official platform is at risk of being cancelled and the ticket price refunded to the original seller. 

Given that approximately 4 million Australians logged on to get Eras Tour tickets in the original sale, we are sure that this resale will continue to be equal pandemonium, so light your Swiftie candles and pray to the Eras Tour gods (Swift’s cats Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button).

Some further tips regarding illegal re-sales:

  • In most of Australia, scalpers cannot resell Eras Tour tickets for more than 10% of the original sale price. In Victoria, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was recently declared a ‘major event’ and is therefore covered by laws that prevent scalping 10% profit margin. Selling a ticket for more than 110% of its original price is punishable by fines of up to $109,044 for individuals, and $545,200 for companies, Daily Mail reports.
  • In NSW, the government has already pledged it will crack down on Swift ticket scalpers, with price-gougers (those selling for more than 10% over the original sale price) also eligible to be fined $22,000 (individuals) and $110,000 (organisations).

Overall, the message is clear: Don’t buy (or sell!) from any unofficial ticketing sites.

When do Taylor Swift Tickets Go On Sale?

The Eras Tour Ticket resale in Australia will take place on November 24, at 10am.

Resale was rescheduled from September 4 to November.

The first pre-sale (AMEX pre-sale) started on June 26. The Frontier Touring pre-sale started on June 28. General sales started on June 30 at 10am and 2pm local time in Sydney and Melbourne respectively.

Will There Be More Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets Released?

Additional tickets with obstructed side-views were released on November 10, at the price of $79.90, allowing more Swifties into the stadium for the big day. We do not know yet if more will be released, but it is unlikely.

In this US, the release of obstructed side-view tickets happened closer to the concert time.

Nine Honey reports that North American obstructed view seats went on sale a handful of days before the event for $200, or extra floor tickets for $49. 

Follow Overseas Tour Dates & Sales

Got some annual leave stored and a bit of cash in the bank? There are plenty of international tour dates that you could still snap up, with Taylor popping up all over the world until (at least) August 2024.

Some of the international shows aren’t even that far away. Just saying… there are six shows in Singapore…

The official Eras Tour Australia resale starts on September 4. (Credit: Getty)

Extra Tips? Sign Up For Accounts With Ticket Providers — And Have Your Password Handy

If you don’t already have an account with Ticketek, now is the time to get that sorted. 

Ensure you have an account and that you know your details (username, password) etc. so you can login and make those ticket purchases with speed and ease when the time comes.

An Eras Tour ticket-purchasing game plan is required. (Credit: Getty)

How Did The Queue Work When Buying Tickets?

As anyone who tried to secure tickets via the Frontier Touring pre-sale will tell you, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as waiting in the Ticketek ‘lounge’, or waiting room.

Prior to this pre-sale, many Swifties believed that fans would be let into the purchasing page in order of when they opened the Ticketek site, leading to eager concert-hopefuls logging on hours or even days before the sale officially began.

However, speaking to Pedestrian, a representative for Ticketek revealed that the queuing system didn’t necessarily work chronologically.

“Everyone in the Ticketek lounge has an equal opportunity to get into the site regardless of when they have arrived,” the rep said.

He also added that  there’s “no advantage” to logging onto the site hours before tickets go on sale, as the lounge is only opened 10 minutes before this time.

“The randomisation starts once the on-sale commences, so there is no advantage for fans to jump on hours before. We recommend that fans log on 15 minutes earlier just so they are ready once the on-sale kicks off.”

“Once in the lounge and the on-sale has started, the system continuously checks whether there is an available spot for fans to be let in to purchase tickets to the event.”

Charge Your Devices Before Attempting To Buy Tickets

This seems obvious but you just can’t risk it!

Honestly, what could be worse than your laptop or phone conking-out while you’ve got Taylor Swift tickets in the basket?

Connect To WiFi & Data

As competitive ticket-purchasers will know: getting a seat at one of the nation’s most exclusive gigs is a two-device project. 

If you’re using a phone and a laptop, use WiFi on the computer and data on your phone. Not only will this use different IP addresses—giving you twice the chance to hit the jackpot—but it could provide a connection back-up, in case something goes awry. 

Have Apple Pay And Prefill Data

When you’re competing for those all important tickets and website space is in high demand, it’s integral to checkout as quickly as possible to avoid getting booted out. Save time manually entering your card details (and potentially typing them in wrong) by having prefill data available or even Apple Pay set up. 

Are There Ticket Limits For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour?

There is a limit to the number of tickets you can purchase for Taylor Swift, but it’s quite generous given demand, at 4 per person. 

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • A Reserve $379.90
  • B Reserve $309.90
  • C Reserve $239.90
  • D Reserve $199.90
  • E Reserve $159.90
  • F Reserve $119.90
  • G Reserve $79.90

We also have pricing for the VIP packages as follows:

  • It’s Been A Long Time Coming Package $1249.90
  • Karma Is My Boyfriend Package $899.90
  • I Remember It All Too Well Package $749.90
  • Ready For It Package $599.90
  • It’s A Love Story Package $399.90
  • We Never Go Out Of Style Package $349.90

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