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Congratulations To The Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins On Her Sweet Engagement

She has once again found love inside the Wiggles family!

Congratulations are in order for the Yellow Wiggle: Emma Watkins has found love with her Wiggles bandmate Oliver Brian and the pair are now engaged! Watkins shared the news via social media with a cute selfie of herself and Brian, captioning the post “When life gets more sparkly.”

Watkins had previously been married to Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie, though their relationship ended three years ago. It seems that there’s only love amongst the skivvy-wearing children’s entertainers though. Gillespie was among the first to congratulate the newly engaged couple, commenting “love you guys” along with a number of purple heart emojis.

Emma Watkins and Oliver Brian announce engagement

The Blue Wiggle Anthony also shared a sweet reaction, writing, “Sensational news! Congratulations!!!”

Watkins and Brian’s relationship has been blossoming for a little while now. The pair had known each other for four years before beginning a romantic relationship and it was in part their differences that drew them together. Watkins described Brian as “very opposite to me” in an interview with Stellar magazine.

Emma Watkins Oliver Brian engaged ring photo

“He’s a very calm and thoughtful person and I’ve always been interested in his mind and his take on life, and his morals,” she said.

“He loves talking about the environment and food production,” before adding, “It’s not very ‘Wiggly’, but it’s been nice for me to talk about things not just concerning ourselves, but people everywhere around the world.”

Emma Watkins engaged ring photo with horse

Watkins has since shared more pictures of herself showing off her ring to the locals in country Victoria. For his part, Oliver Brian does not appear to have an Instagram profile.

Congratulations to this sweet couple!

Images via Instagram @emmawatkinsofficial.

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