7 Destination Dupes You Can Visit Without Leaving Australia

No visa required.
A village in Cornwall (Left) and Port Fairy (Right)

There’s a difference between how much we’d like to travel overseas and how much we’re actually able to. Australia’s relative isolation from the rest of the world certainly has plenty of benefits but it also means that getting out of the country isn’t always an option.

Whether it’s because of money, time or other commitments, there’s plenty of reasons why you might not be able to take an overseas holiday this year.

Fortunately, Australia is also a huge country with a diverse landscape. This means that if you look carefully enough, you can find the things you’re craving in an overseas destination in your own backyard.

If You Want Edinburgh, Go To Hobart

Edinburgh (Left) and Hobart (Right) (Credit: Getty )

Edinburgh’s historical buildings, cosy pubs and fun arts scene are hard to beat but did you know we have our own little Edinburgh down in Tasmania?

Hobart doesn’t only have the cold weather to match its Scottish cousin but a fare share of gorgeous old buildings (Salamanca gives The Royal Mile a run for its money) and a mountain that overlooks the city (instead of Arthur’s seat, you get Mount Wellington). Plus, you don’t need Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival when you have Hobart’s Dark Mofo rocking the city.

If You Want A Greek Island, Go To Rottnest Island

A Greek Island (Left) and Rottnest Island (Right)
A Greek Island (Left) and Rottnest Island (Right) (Credit: Getty )

There’s something so utterly seducing about summer on the Greek isles—floating in that blue water and spending all day with a book on a secluded beach is most people’s idea of heaven.

If you catch a plane to Western Australia then you can take your Euro summer early at Rottnest Island. With it’s rocky coastline, blue water and little beach shacks dotted all over the island, Rottnest boasts a remarkable resemblance to the Mediterranean. Just swap the Quokkas for donkeys and you’re basically in Mamma Mia.

If You Want Miami, Go To The Gold Coast

Miami (Left) and The Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise (Right)
Miami (Left) and The Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise (Right) (Credit: Getty )

If the Barbie movie has got you wishing you were roller skating along Miami Beach then why not spend a weekend in the Gold Coast. With its skyscraper lined beaches and exciting party scene, your Miami cravings are guaranteed to be satisfied Surfer’s Paradise.

Unless you’re graduating high school this year, just avoid the city in November when the Schoolies crowd will make you feel like you’re in Miami on spring break.

If You Want Zion National Park, Go To Karijini National Park

Zion National Park (Left) and Karijni National Park (Right) (Credit: Getty)

There’s something about the energy that you feel when walking through an ancient canyon that makes the experience a little addictive. If you’re craving that connecting with the earth’s most ancient formations then don’t worry about heading all the way to Zion National Park in Utah, simply head over to Karijini National Park in Western Australia.

With the same deep red gorges and winding river paths, you’re going to get the same feeling but without the crowds.

If You Want The Maldives, Go To Bedarra Island

Maldives (Left) and Bedarra Island in Queensland (Right) (Credit: Getty)

If you’re after a tropical island escape then Bedarra Island in Queensland will get you onto island time as soon as your feet land on the white sandy beaches.

Offering the same all inclusive style of holiday as the Maldives resort islands, along with same dreamy views and snorkelling opportunities, Bedarra is the Maldives without the long flight.

If You Want Cornwall, Go To Port Fairy

A village in Cornwall (Left) and Port Fairy (Right) (Credit: Getty)

If you’re dreaming of a cosy weekend away in one of England’s seaside villages then look no further than Port Fairy in Victoria.

This little fishing village is filled with so many 19th-century cottages, old stone churches and seafood that you will be singing sea shanties in no time.

If You Want Hawaii, Go To Lord Howe Island

Hawaii (Left) and Lord Howe Island (Right) (Credit: Getty)

When you can’t go to Hawaii, go to Lord Howe Island in New South Wales.

The island, which is located in the Tasman sea between Australia and New Zealand, is only two hours by plane from Sydney and offers the same Jurassic vibe, tropical forests and dramatic mountains as Hawaii does.

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