‘A Simple Favour’ Is Getting A Sequel, So Prepare For Another Spectacle Of Powersuits

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are back for round two.

Blake Lively is returning to her suits era. A Simple Favour, the film where Lively infamously deleted her entire Instagram feed and exclusively wore full tailored suits in the lead up to its release, is set to get a sequel. 

Per Deadline, Lively will be re-joined by her co-star, Anna Kendrick, for the second instalment, while Paul Feig will return to direct the feature film.

The 2018 comedy-drama film followed a single mother Stephanie Smothers (Kendrick) who created vlogs for a living. She befriends Emily Nelson (Lively), who is the mysterious mother of her son’s friend. Stephanie becomes infatuated with her, and when Emily disappears, she endeavours to find her herself. 

While the film somewhat wrapped things up by the end, there were definitely some storylines that could be explored more in the sequel. 

Here, everything you need to know about A Simple Favour 2. 

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What will happen in A Simple Favour 2?

At the end of A Simple Favour, Emily was sentenced to 20 years in prison after it was revealed she had killed her dad and her sister. She had also attempted to kill her husband, Sean. 

Just before the closing credits, we also learn that Stephanie is dating a new man, and along with having over 1 million vlog subscribers, she now works as a part-time detective. Sean has written a best-selling book and has advanced his career as a professor at Berkeley. Emily, unsurprisingly, is bold as ever even in prison—our last glimpse of her is playing basketball aggressively with other inmates. 

So where will the second instalment take us? Well, we’ll likely see Stephanie continuing her detective work—possibly about a new crime? We’ll also no doubt see where Emily is now as she serves her sentence, though perhaps she might be released early (or break out, we wouldn’t put anything past her) and we’ll follow her next chapter, post-prison. 

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When will A Simple Favour 2 be released? 

Details of the production schedule are tightly under wraps, and given that both Lively and Kendrick are both working on other projects at the moment we may have a while to wait before the film hits screens.

Kendrick is set to star in upcoming Netflix crime movie, Rodney & Sheryl, while Lively has three upcoming films, The Husband’s Secret, ProxyThe Making Of. 

Who will be in the cast?

Lively and Kendrick are the only actors confirmed to join the production. Watch this space for more updates as they’re announced. 

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