Women Don’t Have To Make The First Move On Bumble Anymore

The app's defining quality has changed.
Women no longer have to make the first move on Bumble.Getty

Bumble’s Opening Moves function is shaking up the dating app.

Bumble has always set itself apart from other dating apps by making women be the ones to make the first move—or more accurately, send the first message.

However, in a change no one saw coming, the app has decided to change its most defining feature to give women more choice in how they connect with their matches.

To do so, Bumble have launched an Opening Moves features that allows women to display a set of predetermined questions (selected by female-users) that men can then choose to respond to.

The new campaign draws on the wide-spread fatigue people felt by many people using dating apps, with the new function being based on research that found 48% of women want more ways to start a conversation on the app.

Bumble's dating app has changed.

Essentially, the change attempts to equal the playing field, putting more onus on the men to make an effort, while leaving women in control of their dating experience.

Selby Drummond, Bumble’s chief marketing officer said women’s experience remains the company’s top priority.

“We have always taken our lead from the amazing women in our community. Today, they are looking for more choice and ease in their dating life and with the launch of Opening Moves, Bumble is continuing to put women’s experiences first.

“With this new global campaign, we wanted to take a fun, bold approach in celebrating the first chapter of our app’s evolution and remind women that our platform has been solving for their needs from the start. As we roll out these exciting updates to our product, our core principle remains the same: empowering women in every connection and in every relationship.”

So far, the campaign has been rolled out in ten countries, including Australia.

Watch The New Bumble Campaign below.

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